034Motorsport TTE810 Stage 3 Standard Output & 3+ High Output Files!
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034Motorsport TTE810 Stage 3 Standard Output & 3+ High Output Files!

034Motorsport has been at the forefront of product and platform development for the Audi B9 3.0T vehicles since its release in late 2017, with over 6 years of dedicated engineering and testing to develop the most holistic and rounded hardware and software upgrade catalog possible. Throughout this time we have collected meticulous data, using our own in-house engineering efforts as well as customer data, to better understand and improve the powertrain, handling, and chassis of the B9/B9.5 product offerings.  The process is never-ending, as we stay committed to continually evaluating and improving as new data is collected.

In late 2020, when the MG1 ECU was decrypted and unlocked, 034Motorsport software and calibration engineers immediately dug in and began creating what is now the Dynamic+ Tuning Suite. To date, tens of thousands of customers have enjoyed these files on their daily driven and track-driven B9s with uncompromised refinement, drivability, and performance. As with all of our software offerings, we aim to provide these improvements with as little sacrifice to reliability as possible and the B9/B9.5 3.0T tuning suite has delivered on that goal. 

Upon the release of larger hybrid turbochargers, it became apparent that this platform would soon be rivaling any previous Audi in its capability to produce significant gains in horsepower and torque. As with many Audi engines before it, the primary limitation initially discovered was the fuel system and its capability to provide enough fuel flow to support the higher boost levels being generated by these larger turbochargers. 

When developing our Stage 3 TTE810 tuning offering, 034Motorsport engineers maximized the available fuel system to run ethanol fuels through upgrades to the High-Pressure Fuel Pump (using the 034Motorsport High-Pressure Fuel Pump Piston Upgrade) and OEM Audi RS5/RS6 Fuel Injectors. While both of these components significantly improve fuel flow, there are still flow limitations within the system that require very precise fueling demands to be met. When utilizing the maximum available fuel flow, the drawback becomes that the available headroom for ECU calculated adjustment diminishes. Thus, the initial Stage 3 TTE810 files required that all components within the system be working in perfect order, as it was necessary to ensure adequate fuel was being provided to the engine under all conditions. This limitation in fueling is solely found with ethanol files, as pump fuel does not require as much flow from the fuel system.

As the platform has developed further and more vehicles began doubling the factory horsepower output with Stage 3 TTE810 turbochargers, there were a handful of reported instances across multiple customers and multiple tuners where a spark plug had become damaged from what appeared to be high cylinder temperatures, a sign of less than sufficient fuel cooling in the combustion chamber. Through significant diagnostic testing, it was determined that the injector in the affected cylinder was not flowing enough fuel to properly cool the cylinder, causing the spark plug to potentially overheat and melt. This observed flow variance was not large enough to cause the car to run incorrectly, but the added heat in that cylinder over time accelerated heat fatigue, resulting in component failure. Repeated strain on these systems further exacerbates the heat build-up as the engine does not have adequate time to transfer this heat into the cooling systems. 

These types of variances in fuel flow with direct injectors are not common, but when the injector or fuel system does not have additional headroom to account for flow deficiencies, then the system cannot correct the problem and add fuel. 034Motorsport engineers left as much headroom as possible without reducing power output with the initial Stage 3 TTE810 files, but in the handful of reported instances of these failures, it was clear that more headroom was necessary to allow the closed loop systems to adjust fueling.

With these developments emerging through the substantial data sat that has developed over the past year, 034Motorsport engineers set out to offer an additional “Standard Output” Stage 3 file as an option for customers to provide ample fuel system headroom, with the tradeoff of marginally reduced power output. Through this development, 034Motorsport has created what is now available to all Stage 3 TTE810 customers as the Stage 3 TTE810 Standard Output files, and the Stage 3+ TTE810 High Output files. 

The Stage 3 Standard Output files increase fuel system headroom by reducing the overall power output through decreases in turbocharger boost pressure. This reduction in boost reduces air volume, thus allowing for the existing fuel system additional capacity to meet power demands. At this slightly reduced output, the fuel system has significantly higher amounts of headroom to allow for any potential adjustment deemed necessary by the ECU, ensuring that in any condition, the engine will always have enough fuel capacity. While this comes at an average power decrease of ~85whp over the previous files, we feel this is what is necessary to gain adequate fueling headroom while still maintaining world class acceleration ability. Additionally, reducing boost levels means that we can provide even more fuel during combustion to further assist with cooling the combustion chamber, reducing strain on components such as spark plugs, injectors, pistons, etc. Increasing fuel in the air-fuel ratio helps cool combustion temperatures. The reduction in combustion chamber temperatures further helps coolant and oil temperatures stay lower for longer as well. 

In addition to the Stage 3 TTE810 Standard Output files, the team has reworked and further improved the previous Stage 3 files into what now are called Stage 3+ TTE810 High Output files. Using what we learned in developing the Stage 3 Standard Output files, the Stage 3+ High Output files provide the same peak output as the initial Stage 3 files, with further improvements in how the ECU can manage thermal loads and reduce output to prevent thermal overloads of critical components. 

As the primary concern with the previous files was sustained heat, the Stage 3+ files have wider control to better reduce combustion chamber temperatures through more active and accurate thermal derate strategies, reducing boost to increase fuel mixtures to allow for better cooling. Stage 3+ files do still operate at a lower headroom level within the fueling system when at optimal temperatures to retain the maximum power output, thus they require that all components within the fuel and ignition system are at maximum potential capability. We will be asking that customers that would like to flash Stage 3+ please email tuning@034motorsport.com so that our team can perform health check datalogs and maintenance verifications to ensure your car is well set up to sustain these higher output files.

034Motorsport’s focus is solely on supporting our customers through rigorous and continuous development, constantly improving on what we can provide to our customers. 034Motorsport engineers are hard at work developing upgrades for the fueling and engine systems in B9/B9.5 V6s, which aim to allow for true maximization of power output without any reduction in powertrain component headroom. When these components are completed, we will immediately implement them into our Stage 3+ High Output files and beyond.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Tuning Support Team at tuning@034motorsport.com if you have any questions or concerns, and we will be happy to help.

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