Chris Weidman Says He Suffered Left Leg Fracture at UFC 292
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Chris Weidman Says He Suffered Left Leg Fracture at UFC 292

Weidman didn’t emerge unscathed from his first mixed martial
arts bout in more than two years — but it’s not as bad as initially

The former middleweight champion revealed on his Sirius XM show
that he suffered a fracture in his left leg during a unanimous
decision loss to Brad
Tavares at UFC 292 on Aug. 19. That comes on the heels a
gruesomely broken right leg in a loss to Uriah Hall at
UFC 261 in April 2021.

“I got MRIs done on my tibia and fibula on both legs, got MRIs on
both of my knees, X-rays, and I’ve been waiting for a result – and
I got the results back. There was no ligament tears at all,”
Weidman said. “So ACL, LCL, MCL, PCL, all those ‘Ls’ that you do
not want to tear because that’s like six months to a year of
recovery. The ligaments are good.

“What did happen to me though, is I have a fracture in my left leg.
So he broke my leg with one of those leg kicks. I ended up
switching to southpaw and figuring it out. But I’m pretty sure
that’s when my leg broke, fractured it. It’s on the tibula head,
right below my knee is where it broke. Upper tibia bone is what’s
fractured. Recovery wise, it’s not bad at all. Four weeks.
Four-week recovery, that’s it.”

That’s a far better prognosis than the one UFC president Dana White
gave after the event, when he speculated that Weidman blew out his
knee in the fight while
urging the Serra-Longo Fight Team standout to retire. However,
Weidman has already stated that he plans to continue with his UFC
career despite a rough stretch in which he has lost seven of his
last nine appearances.

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