Interview with Lars Kollind, head of Business Development at Swintt – European Gaming Industry News
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Interview with Lars Kollind, head of Business Development at Swintt – European Gaming Industry News

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For many game providers, Portugal is a very attractive proposition. With eye-catching revenue figures being reported, now is a fantastic time to enter such a market. For Evoplay, it has been an opportunity not to miss out on and we spoke to Ihor Zarechnyi, Head of Sales at Evoplay, to discuss what Portuguese players have to look forward to from the provider’s innovative portfolio.


When it comes to looking for new markets, what makes Portugal attractive for Evoplay and what will be your main focus in the region?

It’s easy to see – Portugal is a fast-growing market with a strong interest in both sports betting and online casino. During the fourth quarter of 2022, the iGaming industry there achieved an all-time high in revenue, amounting to €195.3m, primarily due to new player acquisition. This growth trend is expected to continue in the coming years, and we have already seen a measurable increase again this year, certainly making Portugal a favourable environment for new entrants.

Of course, It´s no secret that Portuguese people adore football, and our top-performing Football Pack will be a hit among Portuguese players. Football is deeply ingrained in Portuguese culture and is the most popular sport in the country, and we are certain we can provide the same thrilling, action-packed gaming experience that we’ve made a name for ourselves with the world over.


Evoplay’s games are widely popular throughout Europe; what has been the key to your success, and how do you envisage Portuguese players responding?

The key to our success lies in our commitment to creating games that offer an immersive and enjoyable experience for players. We place a strong emphasis on innovation and creativity, using cutting-edge technology to bring our games to life. We also listen closely to player and partner feedback, using it to continually refine and improve our games.

Partnerships are a crucial aspect of our business, especially when it comes to our growth. We are thrilled to have started our Portuguese venture with leading operator Solverde, and we’re always open to exploring new opportunities in the future. As our online casino games gain more popularity, we have no doubt that we’ll see increased demand across the casino lobbies as more and more players enjoy our entertainment. Of course, this growth will benefit both our company and our partners, allowing us to expand our reach and impact.

It also goes without saying that Evoplay is a ready-made solution for our partners. We provide all the necessary marketing materials, constantly work with affiliates, and keep our social media up-to-date to ensure players always know about our latest releases

As for Portugal, we’re excited to offer a range of new and exciting games in 2023 – wish I’m sure the local audience will love. Given what we’ve got in our pipeline, I’m confident that our upcoming releases will be just as popular here as they are in other markets. Keep an eye out for more details coming soon!


Following a slew of new releases such as Perfect Fishing, what upcoming releases do Portuguese players have to look forward to in 2023?

In 2023, we plan to release several new titles that we believe will become real smash hits. There’s plenty to excite Portuguese players – and we’re preparing new football games in Q4 that are sure to prove incredibly popular.

I believe a key part of success in Portugal will be about providing football inspired casino games that will give sportsbooks an easy cross-selling opportunity given the ease and understanding.

This is especially the case for our football portfolio and we plan to keep the momentum going. After all, our Football Pack was such a huge success; we know the blueprint to creating successful games. We also have an upcoming flagship game in our pipeline which you will hear more about in the autumn. This follows on from our groundbreaking previous flagship titles, Dungeon: Immortal Evil and 2021’s award-winning blockbuster, Star Guardians.

Also. last but not least, we are working on exciting in-game and out-game gamification, which makes our slots more exciting to play. Players can participate in exciting leaderboards and tournaments and set out to compete in thrilling quests. But we can´t give away too much at the moment as all will be revealed in due course!


In what other markets is Evoplay present, and where will you be looking to expand in the future?

Evoplay is proud to have a global presence in the online gaming market, with a focus on delivering innovative and engaging slot games to players all around the world.

Currently, we are present in a variety of markets, including Europe and Latin America. In Europe, we have a strong presence in Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and now Portugal. We are currently working on obtaining a Canadian license which we are super excited about.

Looking to the future, we have an ambitious expansion strategy that includes Switzerland, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, and Canada, and we are already making solid progress towards these goals.

Overall, our goal is to continue expanding our reach and bringing our top-notch slot games to players all around the world.


What sets Evoplay and its content apart from other suppliers on the market?

Innovation is a key factor that sets Evoplay apart from other suppliers in the iGaming world. By constantly pushing the boundaries of what is considered the norm and introducing new technologies, gameplay mechanics, and game genres, we strive to provide our players with unique and engaging gaming experiences that they won’t find anywhere else. We don´t just provide games – we provide experiences, emotions, and entertainment.

We understand that every player is unique, and we strive to develop games that cater to the individual tastes and preferences of each player. To do this, we employ a team of highly skilled game designers and developers who are passionate about creating games that not only look and sound great, but also offer immersive and engaging gameplay.

Our team works closely with players and partners to gather feedback and insights into their preferences, which we use to inform our game development process. This approach enables us to create games that are not only visually stunning but also highly engaging, slots that change the culture from autonomous, emotionless trigger-pulling and ´spin´ button pressing to excitement and adrenaline when playing our extensive portfolio of titles. We create games that are made for the player, with the player at the forefront of our minds. All in all, it’s a fantastic time for us to be expanding and we’re very excited for Portugal and the future!

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