John Cena Will Summon Great Khali
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John Cena Will Summon Great Khali

WWE SmackDown is finalizing the WWE Payback 2023 card, which already has a plethora of rumored blockbuster matches.

On this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown, new U.S. Champion Rey Mysterio will team up with his LWO protege, Santos Escobar, to battle the U.S. Title number one contender, Austin Theory, and his tag partner, Grayson Waller, who tried to elicit some dissension in the LWO on the Grayson Waller Effect two weeks ago. Jimmy Uso is also scheduled to return and address the situation he is currently in with his brother, Jey Uso.

In other related news regarding WWE SmackDown, thanks to the Hollywood strikes, John Cena is set to return this week on the blue brand and will actually be wrestling for the first time in India in a special live event called Superstar Spectacle.

Iyo Sky is a big red target on SmackDown with the world title in her grasp, especially after she and Bayley viciously attacked and “injured” Bianca Belair backstage two weeks ago. On the Raw go-home show, it was also announced that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will defend their undisputed tag titles against Judgment Day at Payback.

With that being addressed, the following will focus on the scheduled John Cena return and the theory of him summoning The Great Khali en route to WWE Payback 2023.

WWE SmackDown is scheduled to take place on September 1, 2023, live on FOX, and John Cena will summon Great Khali en route to WWE Payback 2023.

John Cena Returns [Segment]

John Cena is scheduled to return on this week’s SmackDown go-home show to Payback. However, he is not back for Payback. It was reported and confirmed that Cena will team up with Seth Rollins to battle Imperium at WWE Superstar Spectacle, a special live event for India that will take place on Sept. 8.

It is peculiar that no one from India is in this tag match, which will presumably main event the show. Henceforth, it would make sense for Cena to summon The Great Khali to team with him and Rollins to battle Gunther and Imperium in an epic six-man tag match.

Prediction: John Cena Will Summon The Great Khali

Jimmy Uso Returns [Segment]

Jey Uso abruptly “quit” WWE three weeks ago, which throws a wrench into any plans for Jimmy Uso to battle Jey at Payback. There are now rumors about them holding off on their match until WrestleMania 40.

If those rumors are true, Jimmy might as well leave WWE, too. It would be somewhat wise for him to solidify his heel turn by defeating a plethora of midcard opponents and feud with Solo Sikoa before getting back to Jey Uso at ‘Mania next year. However, his story with Jey Uso speaks for itself. Maybe he will even pay a visit to Impact to see his wife, Trinity (f.k.a. Naomi).

Prediction: Jimmy Uso Will Leave the WWE

Rey Mysterio (c) & Santos Escobar vs. Austin Theory & Grayson Waller [Tag Match]

Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar will defeat Austin Theory and Grayson Waller in this tag team match to continue Escobar’s momentum in his journey to becoming U.S. Champion. It will be interesting to see if Escobar gets included in the U.S. Title match between Mysterio and Theory for a triple threat at Payback since he did earn his U.S. Title shot by pinning Theory clean when he was U.S. Champion and beating Mysterio in the #1C tournament.

He could either earn that spot by betraying Mysterio in this tag match or merely winning this tag match to make a statement. The latter is more likely, as Escobar has made it clear that he is not betraying Mysterio due to the respect he has for him. Grayson Waller will be the fall guy here since he is merely hosting the Grayson Waller Effect with Cody Rhodes at Payback the other three superstars need their momentum protected in the U.S. Title picture.

Prediction: Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar

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