Lower Your Par 3 Scores
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Lower Your Par 3 Scores

Most amateurs are thrilled to play par 3s because they can reach the green in one…..most of the time. If this is the case, why is the scoring average over par? Is it that we miss hit their irons or select the wrong club for distance? Maybe we miss calculate the distance required to carry on to the green? Or maybe we are overconfident and to not meet our expectations. Regardless, I found a way to improve my scores on par three’s and all approach shots if required.

Most amateurs (including me) take aim at the pin regardless of where it is located. This approach to all par 3s is folly. I have proven this course management error to myself many times. If you are a double digit handicapper, I recommend that during all Par 3 tees shots (and approach shots) that we aim to the center of the green and leave ourselves with a putt for birdie. I did not come up with this strategy, but I know it is sound.

Of course there are exceptions to this strategy as indicated my Crossfield. I do have one other piece of advice to offer. Aiming at the center of the green does not mean we have to fly the ball there every time. We still have to play the shot required for the distance we need. Sometimes we need to land the ball short and let it bounce up onto the green and others fly it all the way back to the pin. That part of the shot will be the variable you need to work out.

Golf can be a simple game if we just breakdown complicated situations to manageable parts. Playing par 3 shots are a perfect example. By aiming to middle of the green, our scores will be lowered. This strategy does take practice, but the effort is well worth the change.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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