New warzone map in MW3: what we know about the Battle Royale map
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New warzone map in MW3: what we know about the Battle Royale map

Call of Duty’s Battle Royale is set to get a big new map after the release of CoD MW3.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is getting closer – and with it a new Warzone integration. This will probably also bring us a new map for the Battle Royale, which can even be examined before release. We have compiled all the information and credible leaks in this overview.

  • What is known about the new warzone map?
  • When is the new warzone map coming?
  • Is Verdansk coming back?
  • What do leaks reveal?
  • When will more info come?

What is known about the new warzone map? 

Officially, virtually nothing yet. As CharlieIntel reports, it was only announced that the zombie mode of MW3 will play on the same map as Warzone. Since this game mode will be available directly at the release of MW3, you can already have a look at the new Battle Royale map in it.

When is the new Warzone map coming?

The release date has not been revealed yet, some insiders believe that it will be at the start of the new Season 1 (then with MW3). This is supposed to start on 6 December 2023 – but this has not been officially confirmed yet either.

Is Verdansk coming back?

Yes, at least in the campaign of MW3 we return to Verdansk, as was already seen in the big gameplay reveal. The fictional city formed the very first map of Warzone and has been missed by many fans since its final departure in favour of Caldera and Al-Mazrah.

However, Verdansk is unlikely to be the new Warzone map – although some speculate that it will be included at a later date after all. Maybe as a second option next to the completely new map.

What do leaks reveal?

According to the Warzone expert Metaphor, the map will have an urban character and is thus clearly different from Caldera. It is also supposed to be very large and offer enough space for up to 150 players in Battle Royale. At least two already known multiplayer maps (Countdown and Overwatch) are to be integrated into the new Warzone map.

The well-known streamer JGOD has published a (Video) in which he confirms this leak – he took a close look at the gameplay reveal and claims to have found clear hints in it.​​

When will there be more info?

At the upcoming CoD Next, a regular event, the developers want to talk about the future of Warzone. We strongly assume that the new map will also be discussed there. CoD Next will take place on October 5, 2023 and you can watch it live on (Twitch) and (YouTube) 

Are you looking forward to a new map for Call of Duty: Warzone? Are you still hoping for a return of Verdansk or did you like the sequels much better than the original? Do you have any specific wishes for the new map, perhaps regarding the exact setting or the scope? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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