Next-Level Tournament Management: Challengermode’s Enhanced Bracket Functionality | by Jesper Kvist | Aug, 2023
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Next-Level Tournament Management: Challengermode’s Enhanced Bracket Functionality | by Jesper Kvist | Aug, 2023

The days of rigid tournament structures are over. We want to enable you to craft your tournaments exactly according to your needs and give you the flexibility to reshape and rebuild brackets when unexpected events occur —as they so often do in esports.

Swift Setup with Predefined Templates

No need to start from scratch — choose a template that fits your needs and your tournament will be up and running in no time.

Can’t find a template that matches your needs? No problem! Take full control over your tournament and configure your own format by adding any bracket you want in any order you like. This can even be done in an ongoing tournament.

Flexibility is the name of the game. You can now fully customize how many teams advance from each bracket to the next at any time before or during the tournament. Moreover, single-elimination brackets now give you the option to add or remove a bronze match, this can even be done after the tournament has started.

Say goodbye to seeding restrictions limited to the first round. You can now decide the seeding method between brackets. This gives you full flexibility and control over the seeding of each bracket in your tournament — not just the first one.

Hiccups are inevitable. If you run into any issues during the tournament, you may now reset your tournament back to the point before you seeded it. This action will of course retain participant sign-ups and check-ins while granting you the opportunity to relaunch your event from scratch.

Reset Individual Brackets

Seeding mishap between brackets? If you fumble the seeding heading into a new bracket or run into any other issues, you can now reset an individual bracket to its beginning and replay all of its matches.

Reset Individual Matches

Specific match-related issues can now be resolved with ease. You can now reset any individual match at your convenience, wiping it clean and temporarily removing teams until the match is resumed. This guarantees precision and integrity, particularly in scenarios where the wrong advancement occurred in previous rounds.

One size does not fit all. This has become very apparent for us during our years of bracket-smithing and tournament-manipulating. Unneeded rounds can now be completely removed, and accidentally excluded rounds added back in. Only looking to determine the top 4 in your single elimination bracket? No problem, simply remove the final round. Accidentally removed a round too many? Just add it back again!

You can now replace a team in the bracket with any other team in the tournament — at any time during the tournament. Whether accommodating latecomers, altering seeds, or even adding an entirely new team that hasn’t yet signed up for the tournament.

With tournaments becoming more and more dynamic, game settings have to be as well. To accommodate this, match settings can now be tailored on a per-bracket, per-round, or even per-individual-match basis.

⚙️ You can navigate to the settings page for an overview of your tournament rounds and matches or edit individual matches directly from the bracket view.

When running a multi-team bracket, you are now given the option to toggle between a basic mode and an advanced one.

Basic mode creates a bracket based on just 2 inputs — the number of teams in each match of the bracket and the number of matches per round.

Advanced mode allows you to decide exactly how many teams play in each match for each individual round.

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