Nexus Blitz will be making its return to LoL this fall
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Nexus Blitz will be making its return to LoL this fall

After being away from LoL for 3 long years, Riot has announced that the 5v5 Nexus Blitz game mode will return for a limited period in 2023.

nexus blitz lol returns in october

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LoL will have its return of Nexus Blitz

On August 29, Riot Games developers made a couple of important announcements, including the implementation of a three-split format for the 2024 ranked season, as well as the removal of Mythic items for the upcoming season.

Aside from these important gameplay changes, Riot also decided to bring back one of the most-loved game modes in LoL, Nexus Blitz. The special 5v5 mode has been away for three years already, and while it was initially promised to be back in 2022, players have had to wait until this season to get access to Nexus Blitz.

LoL devs confirm Nexus Blitz will return in late October 2023

Rioters Meddler and Brightmoon have revealed that Nexus Blitz will be returning in late October for a limited period of time. The game mode will be available for a total of five weeks, and it will likely coincide with the return of LoL Arena, which developers promised to bring back in December with new and improved gameplay changes.

Brightmoon also added that there would be some itemization tweaks that would account for the changes since its last return 3 years ago. “The gameplay is as you remember it, though with a few tweaks to account for changes since its last appearance, like the updated jungle items,” he said.

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What is Nexus Blitz?

Nexus Blitz was a revolutionary game mode and one of the most well-received game modes from the LoL community, close to the level of ARAMs.

The games are played on a three-lane map that’s smaller than Summoner’s Rift. The map encourages players to gank more than they would usually happen on the traditional map, and skirmishes between lanes happen all the time. The addition of in-game buffs accelerates the pace of the game, and having an overall smaller map, matches last a lot less, making it perfect for a more casual and least try-hard gameplay. With the implementation of “events,” which are essentially team-wide powerups that give you an advantage, the game adds a few layers of randomness and complexity to the game to make it existing and refreshing.

Overall, compared to the traditional 5v5 Summoners’ Rift, Nexus Blitz has much shorter games which might appeal to those looking for some intensive but quick actions. It’s perfect for those who love skirmishes and do not think about the game from a strategic point at all times. For most, it’s a lot less grinding and would lead to less frustrating moments, which is why the majority of the community loves it.

For those who are not that fond of the ranked ladder or the Summoner’s Rift, Nexus Blitz will be the perfect opportunity to enjoy something a bit different. And once that ends, players will be able to jump right back into LoL Arena. Overall, it looks like it will be an explosive end of the 2023 season for the community.

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