October sees the release of an exciting role-playing game with co-op that is hardly on anyone’s radar
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October sees the release of an exciting role-playing game with co-op that is hardly on anyone’s radar

Dark Envoy lets you play the entire campaign either alone or in pairs. Here is all the info on the release of the role-playing game.

Roleplay fans should mark October 24 in their calendars: Then the new RPG Dark Envoy will be released, which mixes sci-fi and fantasy and offers its entire campaign optionally in a 2-player co-op. We have the most important information for you before release – and reveal whether it’s worth taking the day off.

What is Dark Envoy?

Developer Event Horizon describes the game as an RPG adventure in a “Guns N’ Sorcery” world You play the siblings Malakai and Kaela, who get caught up in a bloody conflict between high technology on the one hand and natural magic on the other. 

Battles are fought in tactical real time (with slow motion). You have a choice of several classes plus specialisations that allow you to adapt the siblings to your play style. For example, you can make Malakai an adept who throws ice magic around and send Kaela into battle as an engineer with a steampunk rifle. Or vice versa. In the course of the game, other possible companions are added to complete your party.

Dark Envoy relies on a cover system, for example, you are safe from enemy attacks behind walls or crates. At least until the cover is destroyed. It is also worth paying attention to the special characteristics of each battlefield, for example to gain a height advantage.

When and where will Dark Envoy be released? Dark Envoy will celebrate its release on PC (via Steam) on 24 October 2023. The game is also scheduled for release on PS4 and Xbox One, but apparently at a later date. The price is not yet on the Steam page, but you can (add the game to your wishlist( and you will be informed automatically.

How does it play?

We played the first demo of Dark Envoy for you some time ago and came to a mixed conclusion: We really liked the extensive character editor and the steampunky setting, and we also liked the fact that Dark Envoy distributes experience points not for defeated enemies, but for completed quests – so a sneaky or peaceful passage is not penalised.

But it was the dubbing that worried us the most, because at least in the demo it sounded extremely amateurish in parts and pulled us unpleasantly out of the immersion. We also found the constant bickering between the two main characters more annoying than charming. Conveniently, you can get an idea of Dark Envoy for yourself: the demo is still available on Steam, in the meantime, it has even been expanded a bit.

Dark Envoy probably won’t beat Baldur’s Gate 3 as the best role-playing game of the year so far, but for genre fans it’s definitely worth a look! 

Are you excited about the release of Dark Envoy? Have you already found your co-op partner with whom you can play through the campaign together? Or are you completely indifferent to the role-playing game because you’re already completely occupied with Baldur’s Gate 3, Starfield and Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty for the rest of the year?

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