R6S Europe League 2023 Betting Insights: Tips, Schedule & Odds
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R6S Europe League 2023 Betting Insights: Tips, Schedule & Odds

As one of the several Rainbow Six leagues kicking off, the R6S Europe League is perhaps one of the most competitive. Accordingly, we’ve assembled our R6S Europe League 2023 betting insights to help you make the most of every betting opportunity for Stage 2.

Best R6S Europe League Betting Sites

R6S Europe League Outright Odds

Outright Rainbow Six Betting odds are a great esports betting market to consider for both rookies and veterans of esports betting. For those unaware, esports bookmakers rank the competition according to their likeliness to win with related odds at stakes.

Here’s a look at the R6S Europe League Stage 2 outright odds at the time of writing:

Team GG.Bet Outright Odds
Team BDS +199
G2 Esports +279
MnM Gaming +584
Heroic +589
Wolves Esports +685
Wylde +916
Team Secret +1200
Virtus.pro +1248
KOI +1390
TT9 Esports +2682

Specifically, we’ve used odds provided by GG.Bet – feeel free to learn more about the esports betting sites through our very own GG.Bet review.

Format and Schedule

As of right now, regional R6S leagues are competing through the second Stage of the 2023 season with multiple Rainbow Six betting opportunities.

With $200,000 of prize on the line, the R6S Europe League Stage 2 takes place between 4th and 26th September amongst other Rainbow Six tournaments.

Involved in the competition are the same 10 R6S teams which featured in the Stage 1 competition:

  • G2 Esports
  • Heroic
  • KOI
  • MNM Gaming
  • Team BDS
  • Team Secret
  • TT9 Esports
  • Virtus.pro
  • Wolves Esports

Kicking things off, the Group Stage features two groups of five teams with a BO1 round robin format. Once every team has faced one another, they’re placed into the Deciders.

R6S Europe League Betting Insights

Here’s how teams have been seeded into the Group Stage:

  • A – KOI, Team Secret, TT9 Esports, Virtus.pro, WYLDE
  • B – G2 Esports, Heroic, MnM Gaming, Team BDS, Wolves Esports

From each Group, only the top 3 move on to the Deciders, while the bottom 2 are sent to the Open Qualifiers Playoffs.

Once in the Deciders, a BO3 modified GSL format allows teams to earn the following seeding and overall placement in esports betting highlight matches:

  • Top 2 – qualify for Major Phase 2
  • 3rd – qualify for Major Phase 1
  • 4-6th – goes to Last Chance Qualifier

In thess R6S EU League betting insights, we’re taking a closer look at which teams are favoured for this upcoming Stage.

R6S Europe League Betting Insights

Predictions – Tight at the Top

The last time that EU R6S enjoyed competition was back at the R6S Europe League Stage 1. Back then, with an identical format, the competition ranked as follows:

  1. Virtus.pro
  2. G2 Esports
  3. MnM Gaming

At the international BLAST R6 Major, all three teams placed rather similarly as follows:

  • 5-8th –MnM Gaming, G2 Esports
  • 9-11th – Virtus.pro

Overall, it’s likely that any of these three teams, in the midst of game updates and roster changes, will place well at R6 Europe League Stage 1 according to the esports odds.

In addition, a recent roster change for Team BDS has them being a strong contender, though they’ll have to prove themselves here.

Image Credits: Ubisoft & Virtus.pro

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