Tennis League Network Blog: Fernando Ramos
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Tennis League Network Blog: Fernando Ramos

We caught up with Fernando Ramos from the very active | Alameda / Berkeley / Oakland league. 

Who are your favorite rivals in the league? Why?

Having a group of rivals like Ryan Tom, Phil Miller, Baris Lostuvali, Clifford Hom, Scott Leong, Lloyd Ford, Albert Hong, and Udey Sohi has made improving my tennis skills enjoyable and fulfilling. After each match, we engage in post-game analysis to learn from each other. This post-match analysis allows me to reflect on my performance, identify areas for improvement, and exchange tips and strategies. This collaborative approach to tennis helps enhance your skills and fosters a sense of camaraderie and friendship among the players. Overall, their varying play styles, strengths, and techniques have challenged me to grow as a player, ultimately making tennis a more exciting and rewarding sport for me.

Which league are you a member of?

East Bay

How long have you participated in your league?

I started playing
in this league in August 2021.

How did you first learn about it?

I first started playing in the USTA (United States Tennis Association), I was
initially drawn to the competitive nature of the league. However, I soon
realized that the USTA mainly focused on doubles matches, with limited
opportunities for singles play. As someone who enjoys the intensity and
strategy of singles matches, I needed to find a league that catered more to my
preferences. After researching, I stumbled upon the Tennis East Bay league that
offered a wide range of singles matches. This league was the perfect fit for
what I was looking for. Not only did they prioritize singles play, but they
also provided a variety of competitive levels to cater to players of all skill

How often do you play?

I play tennis daily, participating in approximately four weekly
matches and practicing on non-match days.

What do you like most about the league?

The friendly community in the league is a standout aspect that
enhances the overall experience. It’s incredible how a common interest in the
game brings people together, allowing for the formation of genuine friendships.
The league provides a platform where players from all walks of life can connect
and bond over their shared passion for the game. The diverse skill sets and
unique playstyles within the league are other aspects that I find captivating.
Every player has strengths and weaknesses, and facing off against opponents
with different playstyles challenges me to adapt and improve my skills
constantly. It’s fascinating to see the creativity and ingenuity that players
bring to the game as they develop their strategies and methods to outsmart
their opponents. Challenging players with diverse skill sets test my abilities
and constantly push me to learn and grow. It’s exciting to step out of my
comfort zone and face new playstyles that I may not have encountered before.
This exposure to different approaches ultimately broadens my understanding of
the game and empowers me to become a more versatile player.

Tell us about your most memorable match(es)

One of the most memorable matches in my tennis career was the
Summer 2022 Season 3.5 Finals against Clifford Hom. Clifford was known for his
exceptional slicing game and powerful serve, which made him a formidable
opponent. As I prepared for this match, I was aware of the challenges I would
face, but I was determined to claim the victory.

The match began with Clifford showcasing his impressive skills.
His precise slices and well-placed serves put me on the back foot. I struggled
to find a rhythm and counter his game. Despite my efforts, Clifford managed to
edge out the first set, winning it 7-5. However, I refused to let this setback
discourage me.

As the second set began, I reminded myself of the hard work and
dedication I had put into my training. I knew I had prepared for this moment
and began refocusing my energy. I started anticipating Clifford’s shots better,
allowing me to return his slices more accurately and deeply. Moreover, I
consciously tried to return his serves aggressively, taking control of the points.
These adjustments paid off, and I quickly gained momentum, winning the second
set 6-1.

With the match now tied at one set apiece, the tension in the air
was palpable. Clifford determined not to let the game slip away, continued to
display his formidable skills. However, something changed within me during the
crucial moments of the third set.

A surge of determination and confidence coursed through my veins.
It was like a beast was awakened within me, fueling my every shot. I unleashed
a level of gameplay that surprised even me. My returns became more precise, I
served more powerfully, and my footwork more agile. Clifford struggled to keep
up with the intensity I brought to the court.

As the match climaxed, I maintained my composure and executed my
game plan flawlessly. With each point won, I could feel my self-belief growing
stronger. The crowd’s cheers fueled my motivation, and with unwavering focus, I
managed to secure the third set and the match with a score of 6-3.

The victory against Clifford Hom in the Summer 2022 Season 3.5
Finals will forever hold a special place in my heart. It was a match that
tested my skills, determination, and mental fortitude. The battle against a
formidable opponent like Clifford pushed me to my limits and forced me to dig
deep within myself to unleash my true potential. This memorable match propelled
me to take on more emotional challenges in my tennis career. It served as a
reminder of the rewards of hard work, preparation, and self-belief. The
experience taught me the importance of staying focused, adapting to different
playing styles, and never underestimating my abilities.

Do you have any other interesting comments about your experiences
with the league?


How did you get started playing tennis?

became interested in playing tennis in June 2021 due to the pandemic.
Previously, I didn’t take the sport seriously and only played casually.
However, as a way to stay active during these times, tennis gradually grew on
me and became a sport I truly enjoy.

Do you play to compete or for fun?

I participate in competitions to demonstrate
my skills and improve my backhand and forehand strokes. There are various areas
for improvement, but my main focus has always been playing tennis at a high
level, which I find enjoyable.

What level of player are you? (NTRP rating)

a 4.0 

What do you love about tennis?  

My favorite part of tennis is having great strategies/tactics and
mental toughness
. Tennis is not just about hitting the ball
hard but also about outsmarting your opponent. Study different strategies and
tactics, such as approaching the net, playing defensively, or hitting shots
with extra spins. Knowing how to adapt your game plan based on your opponent’s
strengths and weaknesses will give you a competitive edge. Furthermore, tennis
can be mentally challenging, especially in high-pressure situations. Developing
mental toughness and focus can significantly impact your performance on the
court. Practice techniques such as visualization, positive self-talk, and
breathing exercises to stay calm and confident during matches.

Tell us a little about yourself, for example: What do you do?
Where did you grow up? What are your hobbies (besides tennis)?

I grew up in San Diego, CA, a city known for its beautiful beaches
and vibrant culture. However, when I was 9, my family moved to Richmond, CA, a
town with a rich history and diverse community. This move significantly changed
me, allowing me to embrace my Mexican heritage even more.

Being from a Mexican background, I have always taken great pride
in my culture. One of the ways I express this pride is through my love for
Mexican food and music. I enjoy indulging in traditional dishes like tacos,
enchiladas, and tamales, which remind me of home and family gatherings. Additionally,
Mexican music, with its infectious rhythms and lively beats, always uplifts my
spirit and makes me feel connected to my roots.

As the oldest of six siblings, I have always been placed in the
role model position. This responsibility has taught me the importance of
leading by example and guiding my younger siblings toward their goals. One way
I have been able to influence them positively is through sports. While I have
convinced two of my brothers to play tennis, I am still working on persuading my
sisters to join in. Playing sports fosters discipline, teamwork, and
resilience, and I hope to instill these values in my siblings as they grow.

Professionally, I am an Elementary Physical Education Teacher in
Richmond, CA. Growing up, I was heavily influenced by the teachers in my
community, who instilled in me the belief that I could be successful by giving
back. This inspired me to pursue a career in education and make a difference in
the lives of the youth in my community. As a physical education teacher, I
strive to influence my students, helping them become extraordinary citizens
positively. I emphasize sportsmanship, respect, positive self-thinking, and
fundamentals. I am proud to see my students improving their fine motor and
social skills while having a great time in my classroom.

Outside my teaching career, I am passionate about sports,
particularly basketball and tennis. Basketball has been my primary sport for
many years, and I have always loved playing it. However, I gravitated more
toward tennis due to the pandemic and the temporary suspension of basketball
activities. I have become enamored with the sport and now consider it my
primary sport, although I’m still ready to admit it to my basketball friends.
Tennis has given me a new challenge and a way to stay active and competitive.
Practicing my strokes on the tennis court has become a regular part of my
routine, allowing me to stay physically fit while honing my skills.


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