The Best Apex Legends Characters for Every Player
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The Best Apex Legends Characters for Every Player

Apex Legends’ biggest strength is probably its different Legends. The array of different characters is a key part of your success or failure in Battle Royale. Some players stick to the characters who work best for their teammates’ picks, or who is the most fun, but who is the best Apex Legends character? If you want to go for the most meta pick right now, who would that be?

Apex Legends changes quite a bit with each season. The Season 18 best Legends in Apex could be different to past seasons, but some characters have stuck to the very top of the game. There isn’t an objective best overall, just because the game has different roles and different play styles. However, out of the main archetypes you’ll find when playing Apex Legends there are some clear standouts. These are the best Apex Legends characters to play at the moment.

Best Apex Legends Characters

5. Lifeline – Best Support Apex Legends Character

Lifeline - Best Apex Legends Characters

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Lifeline is the dedicated healer of Apex Legends, so why do they make the cut as one of the best Apex Legends characters? Simply put, healing comes in handy. Pretty much any team would be well served by having a healer around to help things out. It doesn’t hurt that their hitbox is a decent size too. That helps with offensive and defence.

Playing as lifeline means taking a more supportive role. If you’re happy to jump into that though, they’re an easy pick for one of the best Legends in Apex.

4. Valkyrie – Best Mobility

Valkyrie - Best Apex Legends Characters

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Valkyrie is a flying character and one of the few newer additions to make the list for best Apex legends characters, or at least newer compared to the other top picks. This character has key movement and rotation tools which makes them stand out. You’ll see epic Valkyrie plays at World Championship level events and these abilities make her a better pick for most players in search of a main.

3. Gibraltar – Best Defence

Gibraltar - Best Apex Legends Characters

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Gibrltar’s various abilities make him by far the best defensive Legend. You can soak up a lot more damage than other players plus he has great synergy with other top picks. He’s one of the most versatile Legends. He slots straight into loads of team composition. His Ult even has a lot of utility for zoning, a rare feature for this kind of Legend in the game.

2. Wraith – Best Apex Legends Character for Defence

Wraith - Best Apex Legends Characters

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Wraith is one of the few offensive focused Legends to really make the upper echelons of the game’s characters. The Void based abilities can be used in impressive ways in high IQ plays, Wraith can be trickier for newcomers though. You’ll need to spend some time mastering them and how their movement abilities that allow you to play as aggressively as possible! Once you do though they’re one of the best Legends in Apex.

1. Bloodhound

Bloodhound- Best Apex Legends Characters

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Bloodhound might seem like a weird pick for no. 1. He’s not an offensive Legend that can blow away the competition, but this tracker focused Apex Legends character has some key tools that make him excel. For a start, his intel gathering tools are second to known. There are more Legends with similar kit now, but no one does it like Bloodhound. He has a fantastic hitbox too, and his other abilities all make the experience a lot smoother for your team.

His abilities might be more utility based, but Bloodhound slots right into a lot of the best Apex Legends composition. You can play him both defensive and offensively thanks to the great utility of his abilities. His is a character that gets a lot of action in pro tournaments like the ALGS but also excels in standard Pubs.

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