The Best PSVR 2 Games
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The Best PSVR 2 Games

The Best PSVR 2 Games

Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 is a significant improvement over its previous VR system, featuring exceptional in-house titles, exclusive third-party games, and numerous upgrades to previous PSVR games. Moreover, it also offers some of the best VR games from the past few years that were previously unavailable on the platform.

Selecting only a few of The Best PSVR 2 Games is proving to be a challenge, but we have done our best to narrow down the list.

GameWatcher’s list of The Best PSVR 2 Games

Here are the top PSVR 2 games currently available, featuring a diverse range of experiences from terrifying carnival rides to interstellar voyages, immersive online shooters, and even peaceful kayaking trips.

REZ Infinite

The Best PSVR 2 Games

A tough fight between two games from the same studio, but as a VR experience, REZ Infinite just pips the stupendous Tetris Effect. It’s been souped up over the years in many ways, but the core of what made it such a unique game on PlayStation 2 has never left it.

The base game is impressive enough, but the newer X Zone is something else. The concept of being inside a computer never felt so real and surreal as it does on PSVR 2.

Swordsman VR

The Best PSVR 2 Games

Swordfighting in VR makes a lot of sense, and Swordsman VR is a great example of that. Its hardcore ideals mean one blow can be fatal. If you’ve ever wanted to safely chop a head off with two swords, then your disturbing, yet understandable, dream can be fulfilled.

Thing is, as serious as it seems, Swordsman VR has a high level of hilarity in it because there’s a macabre delight in how some death blows land when accompanied by ragdoll physics. It will never not be hilarious to have a body stuck on your sword, dragging it about whilst a Viking warrior bears down on you.

Resident Evil Village

The Best PSVR 2 Games

I had doubts about Resident Evil Village working in VR, and the opening hours certainly didn’t help to soothe those concerns. Happily, it just gets better and better.

All the best bits of Resident Evil Village are made fresh and exciting again (House Beneviento will scar you) in the reworked VR version, and some less-loved parts shine with the new perspective (Moreau’s Dam section especially benefits). Might take a bit of getting used to, but once it clicks, it’s an absolute treat.

No Man’s Sky

The Best PSVR 2 Games

No Man’s Sky has had VR compatibility before, but with the Fractal update and the jump to PSVR 2, it’s much improved. No Man’s Sky on PSVR 2 is such a tactile experience now, with some delightfully geeky sci-fi gimmickry that I will never grow tired of using.

My stomach lurching as I looped my ship in space was such a strange, yet exciting moment of unreality, and for a moment, it made me feel like I was up among the stars. Sure, its field of view is still a bit smudgier than it should be, but there’s no denying No Man’s Sky does the trick in VR.

Pistol Whip

The Best PSVR 2 Games

There are a lot of PSVR 2 games with guns. This is unsurprising, but it’s weird that there aren’t more as slick and inventive with their gunplay as good old Pistol Whip.

This frenetic rhythm shooter unleashes the inner John Wick in almost anybody who plays it. Thumping beats and explosive gun action combine to make you feel like the ultimate action hero. Or a stumbling buffoon if you’re slightly musically challenged like me.

Kayak VR Mirage

The Best PSVR 2 Games

If you fancy something a touch more sedate from your PSVR 2 experience, then there’s nothing quite as blissfully serene as Kayak VR Mirage. It has a racing mode, sure, and physically rowing a virtual kayak can get hard on the arms, but you can’t deny that view.

It does at least let you cruise along in tour mode, so you can sit back and witness realistic environments and animals without sore arms coming back to haunt you in the morning. Witnessing dolphins and whales rise up from the ocean is one of the most breathtaking things you can see on PSVR 2.

Gran Turismo 7

The Best PSVR 2 Games

PlayStation’s flagship racing game once again makes the leap to VR and it’s unsurprisingly as meticulously realised as its flat-screen version. Almost no stone is left unturned in making the iconic Gran Turismo experience as immersive as possible in virtual reality.

If Sony ever wanted to make a mint off of petrol heads, it’d take Gran Turismo 7 on PSVR 2 out to car shows with a steering wheel setup and let folks witness the raw, magical power of Polyphony Digital’s PS5 racer in VR.


The Best PSVR 2 Games

PC VR players will be pretty familiar with Pavlov. A realism-heavy online shooter fully in VR that comes with an assortment of modes. It made the jump to PSVR 2 and has quickly become an early favorite on the platform.

TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town) is a big part of that. A social deduction game where the more physical nature of VR provides real body language to go along with pleading your innocence over a mic.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR

The Best PSVR 2 Games

Supermassive Games are purveyors of the horror genre, and the studio’s understanding of that genre, combined with a flair for funfair antics, has birthed a wonderfully wretched beast unto PSVR 2.

Its literal rollercoaster ride takes full advantage of the PSVR 2’s technology, including disturbing use of the headset’s eye-tracking ability. It manages to be quite scary by utilizing jump scares efficiently, and implementing the thrill of a funfair ride into the equation. You’ll not find many more consistently entertaining games of PSVR 2. Especially if you’re a horror fan!

That concludes our list of the best PSVR 2 games currently available on the platform. However, we will continue to update the list throughout the year to ensure you’re always in the loop with the latest and greatest games that showcase the true power of VR. Be sure to check back regularly for updates!

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