Valorant Patch 7.04 Agent Tier List
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Valorant Patch 7.04 Agent Tier List

Looking for the best Agents to run in Valorant Episode 7 Act 2? Check out our Valorant Patch 7.04 Agent tier list.

Valorant Patch 7.04 handed out some unexpected nerfs and buffs to fan-favorite Agents, drastically changing the meta for Valorant Episode 7 Act 2. Notable changes to Jett, Gekko, and Skye ushered in a new hierarchy for the best Agents in Valorant.

Here’s a breakdown of our Valorant Patch 7.04 Agent tier list.


Viper and Killjoy are still two of the best Agents to run in Valorant. Raze now joins them in S-Tier, benefiting from the nerfs to Jett. Raze is the best Duelist to run in Valorant after Patch 7.04.


Patch 7.04 delivered some serious nerfs to Jett, dropping the beloved Agent down to the A-Tier. Although the nerfs could technically send her to the B-Tier, she is still a viable Agent to run in Ranked even though her abilities took a hit.

On the other hand, Gekko received a buff in the patch, bringing him higher in the ranks than in Valorant Episode 7 Act 1. Riot Games will be fixing his accidental Mosh Pit buff in Patch 7.05 on Sept. 6.


Another Agent that suffered a big nerf in the patch is Skye. Riot Games mentioned that she lacked “clear weaknesses” in Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 and now received some balancing to reduce her impact.

Breach’s Aftershock was also nerfed, reducing its ticks from 3 to 2. Fortunately, the damage per tick was increased from 60 to 80, making him a great option in the B-Tier and arguably an A-Tier pick.


The C Tier is full of Agents that just are not work picking on most maps in Valorant. Whether it is because of recent nerfs, especially to Astra, or simply a weak ability kit, these Agents are mediocre at best. You will still probably run into at least one player insta-locking Reyna in every Ranked game, though.


Deadlock is the worst Agent in Valorant. The newest addition to the Valorant roster was the only Agent not picked at Valorant Champions 2023, and the patch really did not make a difference. Yoru and Chamber, despite recent changes and an increase in their respective pick rates, are still poor options to run in competitive.

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