Victor Wembanyama rookie card sold for $67,333
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Victor Wembanyama rookie card sold for $67,333

San Antonio boxing great “Jesse” James Leija’s 17-year, Hall of Fame career included bouts against foes who had a substantial edge on him in height and reach. “Oscar De La Hoya was 5-11, 5-10, and he had the longest reach on me,” said Leija, who stands 5-foot-5. But in terms of “tale of the tape,” nobody compared to the opponent Leija squared off with last week, Spurs 7-foot-3 rookie Victor Wembanyama. “Victor probably beat Oscar by two feet,” Leija said. “Someone was asking me, ‘How did you do it?’ I told him, ‘I had my arms straight up. Plus, I was wearing the Pee Wee Herman (platform) shoes. But my arms were straight up in the air and they were just barely at his eye level.” -via San Antonio Express-News / August 20, 2023

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