WoW fans claim Hardcore reminds them of game’s greatest period
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WoW fans claim Hardcore reminds them of game’s greatest period

WoW Hardcore has been the main topic in the game’s community since it was released on Aug. 24. A bunch of players have already played (and died in) the Hardcore mode, and they believe it’s the closest thing to the game’s golden age.

Some players rallied and agreed WoW Hardcore reminds them of the original 2004 Vanilla World of Warcraft, and it’s as close as the game is ever going to get to it, they discussed in a Reddit post on Aug. 30.

WoW Classic was an experience, but nothing like Vanilla WoW, nothing like the innocence of being humbled by an MMO […] Hardcore has brought that back. So many times I’ve witnessed players communicate and cooperate so well, or be so appreciative and enthralled by a small buff, or free enchant,” the author claimed.

This sentiment has been shared by many other players in the comments, who shared their reasons why Hardcore is reminiscent of Vanilla WoW. One of them pointed out how people are playing more slowly and carefully in dungeons, others underline “the flavor of having a world where all the characters are alive.”

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Judging by my experiences, I feel the same. Classic MMOs, especially World of Warcraft, came with a feeling that everything matters—each specialization, spell, item, and so on. With WoW Hardcore bringing back the importance of each of your actions, it once again feels like a mesmerizing experience, rather than just a speedrun to reach the endgame.

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