WoW player finds an ingenious way to bypass gatekeeping in Mythic+ dungeons
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WoW player finds an ingenious way to bypass gatekeeping in Mythic+ dungeons

Did you just get off work and drive home all hyped up to run Mythic+ dungeons, only to end up waiting for an invitation for half an hour or even more? Well, you’re not alone, but you can easily bypass that with one easy trick.

In a post on WoW’s subreddit from Aug. 30, one player suggested a unique solution for how you too can finally get invited to +16 keys. Instead of desperately queueing in the Looking-for-Group tool, you can simply take your own key, whichever level it is, deplete it to at least level 16, and put together your own group.

The catch here is that you take over-geared players who are comfortably sitting at 444 item level and a 3k Mythic+ rating and get carried for free loot. Normally, high-end players who apply for these runs are looking for a quick in and out for Shadowflame Crests and will knock this one out for you in a matter of minutes. So, they actually don’t need that loot and will gladly pass it down to you if you need it. 

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This, in a nutshell, is actually free boosting, but you still need to do your part of the job, you can’t stand idly at the beginning of the dungeon and let the big boys do it all for you. 

You can also try this with +11 keys because they are the benchmark for the Wyrm’s Shadowflame Crests, and you can end with your bags full of loot, Flightstones, and that sweet Mythic+ rating.

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