Wasim Akram Expresses Displeasure with Broadcaster’s Stats
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Wasim Akram Expresses Displeasure with Broadcaster’s Stats

Legendary Pakistan fast bowler Wasim Akram expressed his displeasure with a broadcaster for downplaying Pakistan captain Babar Azam during a fan poll conducted ahead of the India versus Pakistan Super 4 clash in the Asia Cup 2023.

During the mid-innings show, the broadcaster conducted a poll asking fans to vote on who would have the upper hand between Babar Azam and Indian speedster Jasprit Bumrah. The results of the poll showed that 98% of the voters favored Bumrah, while only 2% supported Babar. Wasim Akram, who was part of the broadcast, laughed at the poll results and urged the broadcasters to show appreciation for Babar.

Akram said

Akram pointed out that Babar Azam is currently the No. 1 batter in the world and deserved more recognition. He suggested increasing Babar’s support in the poll to at least 3%, emphasizing the significance of the upcoming battle between one of the world’s top bowlers (Bumrah) and the world’s top batter (Babar).

“You guys are making these stats up. What? Babar is the No. 1 batter in the world. I mean, come on guys. Give him a little appreciation. Make it 3 percent at least. It will be a great battle. One of the top bowlers in world cricket against the No. 1 batter in the world, who apparently has just 2 percent chance against him,” Akram said.

During the game, Bumrah had the upper hand against Babar Azam, bowling 13 deliveries to him, with 11 dot balls and only four runs conceded. Babar was eventually dismissed by Hardik Pandya after scoring 10 runs from 24 balls.

Despite the anticipated showdown between Babar Azam and Jasprit Bumrah, Pakistan faced a heavy defeat in the match, losing by 228 runs as they were bowled out for 128 in response to India’s massive total of 356/2. Kuldeep Yadav played a starring role with the ball, taking a five-wicket haul (5/25 in eight overs).

Wasim Akram’s comments reflect his support for Babar Azam and his desire to see the Pakistan captain receive the recognition he deserves, especially in a high-profile contest against India.

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