Asia Cup 2023: Pakistan actress Sehar Shinwari makes scathing remarks against Babar Azam and his team following record defeat against India
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Asia Cup 2023: Pakistan actress Sehar Shinwari makes scathing remarks against Babar Azam and his team following record defeat against India

The cricketing world is buzzing with reactions following Pakistan’s embarrassing defeat against arch-rivals India in the Asia Cup 2023. While emotions have run high among cricket enthusiasts, Pakistan actress Sehar Shinwari took to social media to express her frustration, making scathing remarks against Babar Azam and his team.

A Record Win for India

The highly anticipated Asia Cup clash between Pakistan and India on Sunday turned out to be a historic day for Indian cricket fans, as their team achieved a resounding victory by a record margin. India triumphed over Pakistan by a staggering 228 runs, marking their biggest victory over the arch-rivals.

Sehar Shinwari’s Strong Response

Reacting to Pakistan’s dismal performance in the match, actress Sehar Shinwari did not mince words. In a scathing social media post, she expressed her frustration and disappointment with the Pakistani team’s display on the field.

In her post, Shinwari wrote, “I am going file FIR against Babar Azam and his team because these guys have always played with our national feelings instead of playing cricket.”

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The actress’s remarks garnered significant attention on social media, sparking a flurry of responses from cricket fans, both in support and disagreement with her sentiments.

Reactions from Cricket Enthusiasts

Shinwari’s comments have ignited a broader conversation about the expectations placed on the Pakistan cricket team and the impact of such high-stakes matches on fans’ emotions. Many fans expressed their frustration and disappointment, while others defended the team, highlighting the unpredictable nature of cricket and the intense pressure of an India-Pakistan encounter.

Babar Azam’s Response

In the aftermath of their big defeat at the hands of India, Pakistan’s captain Babar, addressed the media and acknowledged the team’s shortcomings in the match. He expressed his disappointment with the batting collapse and assured fans that the team would work on rectifying their mistakes in the upcoming match against Sri Lanka, which happens to be the virtual semi-final for them.

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Pakistan have to beat the Asia Cup defending champions to qualify for the final. The winner of Pakistan versus Sri Lanka game will take on India in the summit clash on Sunday, September 17.

So now, Pakistan fans will be eagerly waiting for their teams next match to see if Babar & Co. can bounce back from their embarrassing defeat against India and redeem themselves in the eyes of their supporters.

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