“I’d Probably Choose Nia Jax Over Alexa Bliss”- When Enzo Amore Commented On His WWE Storyline
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“I’d Probably Choose Nia Jax Over Alexa Bliss”- When Enzo Amore Commented On His WWE Storyline

Alexa Bliss dominated the WWE women’s section during her run with the company and from playing unforgettable gimmicks to delivering one hit promos after the other, she indeed came very close to the WWE fans. In real life though, Bliss is married to musician Ryan Cabrera with whom she got hitched in 2022.

However, given Alexa Bliss’ charming presence, one obvious angle that WWE would have wanted to use her for was that of the romantic storyline. However, things didn’t exactly go as planned for the wonder woman with the romantic angle going sideways.

Here is what Enzo Amore had to say about Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss

In December 2017, WWE brought out a different angle that saw Nia Jax and Enzo Amore being romantically involved. But the storyline had to be capped off after the latter was being asked to leave following sexual allegations against Enzo. However, the allegations were dropped due to insufficient evidence.

In an interview with Steve Austin on his talk show, Amore said, “The hope was to turn me into one of the biggest stars, I guess, in the company,” Amore said. “I can’t call it. I was about to be with Alexa Bliss. If you want to make Enzo the ultimate heel, what’s the ultimate way to make him a heel? Scr*w over the girl [Nia Jax] and go with the skinny girl, right? That is something everyone can relate to. I think Nia’s beautiful. I’d probably choose her over Alexa in real life!”

However, things had to change because of that unwanted unravelling where Enzo Amore was being asked to leave. In recent times, Nia Jax came back to the industry where she attacked Rhea Ripley and left her gasping for breath. It was an absolutely brutal fist fight; however, Enzo still keeps his distance away from the WWE roster due to the mistreatment that he received.

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