Schedule, Fixtures, Time Table & Venue
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Schedule, Fixtures, Time Table & Venue

The 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is the 13th edition of the tournament and is scheduled to be held in India from October 5 to November 19, 2023. Originally slated for February-March 2023, it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The tournament features 10 national teams, and England is the defending champion. Qualification for the event was determined through the ICC Cricket World Cup Super League and a Qualifier. The final will take place at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. The total prize money for the tournament is $10 million, with the winner receiving $4 million. Star Sports Network India is the official broadcaster.

World Cup 2023 Schedule

The opening and the closing match will be played at the newly constructed Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. With a capacity of over 1 lakh, the stadium will provide a spectacle for the marquee clashes. The opening match will be played between the finalists of the last World Cup: New Zealand and England.

Match No. Matches Match Date Match Time (IST) Venue
Match 1 England vs New Zealand 5-Oct 2:00 PM Ahmedabad
Match 2 Pakistan vs Netherlands 6-Oct 2:00 PM Hyderabad
Match 3 Bangladesh vs Afghanistan 7-Oct 10:30 AM Dharamsala
Match 4 South Africa vs Sri Lanka 7-Oct 2:00 PM Delhi
Match 5 India vs Australia 8-Oct 2:00 PM Chennai
Match 6 New Zealand vs Netherlands 9-Oct 2:00 PM Hyderabad
Match 7 England vs Bangladesh 10-Oct 10:30 AM Dharamsala
Match 8 Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 10-Oct 2:00 PM Hyderabad
Match 9 India vs Afghanistan 11-Oct 2:00 PM Delhi
Match 10 Australia vs South Africa 12-Oct 2:00 PM Lucknow
Match 11 New Zealand vs Bangladesh 13-Oct 2:00 PM Chennai
Match 12 India vs Pakistan 14-Oct 2:00 PM Ahmedabad
Match 13 England vs Afghanistan 15-Oct 2:00 PM Delhi
Match 14 Australia vs Sri Lanka 16-Oct 2:00 PM Lucknow
Match 15 South Africa vs Netherlands 17-Oct 2:00 PM Dharamsala
Match 16 New Zealand vs Afghanistan 18-Oct 2:00 PM Chennai
Match 17 India vs Bangladesh 19-Oct 2:00 PM Pune
Match 18 Australia vs Pakistan 20-Oct 2:00 PM Bengaluru
Match 19 Netherlands vs Sri Lanka 21-Oct 10:30 AM Lucknow
Match 20 England vs South Africa 21-Oct 2:00 PM Mumbai
Match 21 India vs New Zealand 22-Oct 2:00 PM Dharamsala
Match 22 Pakistan vs Afghanistan 23-Oct 2:00 PM Chennai
Match 23 South Africa vs Bangladesh 24-Oct 2:00 PM Mumbai
Match 24 Australia vs Netherlands 25-Oct 2:00 PM Delhi
Match 25 England vs Sri Lanka 26-Oct 2:00 PM Bengaluru
Match 26 Pakistan vs South Africa 27-Oct 2:00 PM Chennai
Match 27 Australia vs New Zealand 28-Oct 10:30 AM Dharamsala
Match 28 Netherlands vs Bangladesh 28-Oct 2:00 PM Kolkata
Match 29 India vs England 29-Oct 2:00 PM Lucknow
Match 30 Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka 30-Oct 2:00 PM Pune
Match 31 Pakistan vs Bangladesh 31-Oct 2:00 PM Kolkata
Match 32 New Zealand vs South Africa 1-Nov 2:00 PM Pune
Match 33 India vs Sri Lanka 2-Nov 2:00 PM Mumbai
Match 34 Netherlands vs Afghanistan 3-Nov 2:00 PM Lucknow
Match 35 New Zealand vs Pakistan 4-Nov 10:30 AM Bengaluru
Match 36 England vs Australia 4-Nov 2:00 PM Ahmedabad
Match 37 India vs South Africa 5-Nov 2:00 PM Kolkata
Match 38 Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka 6-Nov 2:00 PM Delhi
Match 39 Australia vs Afghanistan 7-Nov 2:00 PM Mumbai
Match 40 England vs Netherlands 8-Nov 2:00 PM Pune
Match 41 New Zealand vs Sri Lanka 9-Nov 2:00 PM Bengaluru
Match 42 South Africa vs Afghanistan 10-Nov 2:00 PM Ahmedabad
Match 43 Australia vs Bangladesh 11-Nov 10:30 AM Pune
Match 44 England vs Pakistan 11-Nov 2:00 PM Kolkata
Match 45 India vs Netherlands 12-Nov 2:00 PM Bengaluru
1st Semi-Final T.B.C. vs T.B.C. 15-Nov 2:00 PM Mumbai
2nd Semi-Final T.B.C. vs T.B.C. 16-Nov 2:00 PM Kolkata
Final T.B.C. vs T.B.C. 19-Nov 2:00 PM Ahmedabad

World Cup 2023 Venue Details

The 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup will showcase matches in 10 prominent venues across India, including Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Dharamsala, Delhi, Chennai, Lucknow, Pune, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Kolkata. These venues have undergone significant renovations and upgrades to ensure a top-notch cricketing experience. In addition to these main venues, Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram have been selected to host warm-up matches from September 29 to October 3, 2023. These venues will not only provide world-class facilities but also contribute to the vibrant cricketing atmosphere expected during this prestigious tournament.

Venue Seating Capacity
Narendra Modi Stadium 1,32,000
M. Chinnaswamy Stadium 40,000
M.A. Chidambaram Stadium 50,000
Arun Jaitley Stadium 41,842
HPCA Stadium 23,000
Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium 55,000
Eden Gardens 66,000
Ekana Cricket Stadium 55,000
Wankhede Stadium 32,000
MCA Stadium 37,406

ICC Guidelines for pitches for the Cricket World Cup 2023

For the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has issued specific guidelines to the pitch curators regarding the preparation of pitches. These guidelines aim to create a more balanced and competitive playing environment, addressing the increasing dominance of batsmen in modern cricket.

Here are the key aspects of the pitch guidelines for the World Cup 2023:

  1. Increased Boundary Dimensions: One of the notable changes is the requirement to increase the boundary dimensions. The ICC has asked curators to set boundaries at a minimum distance of more than 70 meters. This change is intended to make it harder for batsmen to hit boundaries consistently and provide an advantage to bowlers.
  2. More Grass on Pitches: The curators have been instructed to leave more grass on the pitches. This decision is motivated by the desire to reduce the impact of dew during evening matches. Dew makes it challenging for spinners to grip the ball and gives an advantage to fast bowlers. With more grass on the pitch, seamers can exploit the conditions, leading to a more balanced contest between bat and ball.
  3. Balanced Playing Conditions: By implementing these changes, the ICC aims to reduce the undue advantage that winning the toss can provide. In conditions with significant dew, teams that win the toss often choose to bowl first to take advantage of the wet ball during the second innings. These pitch guidelines aim to minimize this advantage and promote fair competition.
  4. Enhancing the Role of Pacers: With increased grass on the pitches, fast bowlers are expected to have a greater impact. Even if spinners struggle to find turn, seamers can use the grassy pitches to their advantage, providing an interesting dynamic to the matches.
  5. True Surfaces: The guidelines also seek to ensure that the pitches offer true and consistent bounce, which is essential for quality cricket matches.

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