“All he needs to do is…”Sunil Gavaskar gives massive advice to Virat Kohli ahead of the Championship match against South Africa

Sunil Gavaskar has advised Virat Kohli to maintain proper body balance while batting before the crucial T20 World Cup final between India and South Africa in Barbados on June 29, Saturday. Kohli has had difficulty scoring runs in this tournament because he has adopted a more team-focused strategy at the beginning of the innings. Inspired by Rohit Sharma, the top batsman has started aggressively hitting the ball right from the beginning, which is different from his usual method of taking his time and gradually building his score.

So far, Kohli has only scored 75 runs in 7 games, which means the method they’re using isn’t working well. Gavaskar, a famous former Indian player, talked to India Today and gave Kohli some tips. He suggested that Kohli should try to hit the ball while keeping his body steady. Gavaskar thinks Kohli sometimes loses his balance because he’s trying too hard to hit the ball far.

Gavaskar mentioned the six runs Kohli scored off Reece Topley during the semi-final and explained how Kohli’s body balance was perfect, which allowed him to use his bottom hand effectively.

“As long as it leads to a win. It’s the final, and it will be on a better batting surface. Like I always say, Kohli just needs to play his usual shots while maintaining the same body balance. When he tries to hit the ball hard, he loses his balance and misses the ball. So, all he needs to do is what he did with that six (off Reece Topley). He had great balance and simply flicked the ball with his bottom hand. That’s what he should keep doing,” Gavaskar said.

Gavaskar mentioned that Kohli’s performance suffers when he frequently changes his position, causing his head to move too much, which doesn’t help his game. Gavaskar advised Kohli to relax a little and aim for a longer, more substantial innings in the championship match.

“When Kohli moves around a lot, his head also moves a lot, which isn’t helping his performance. This is noticeable even when watching in slow motion. All he needs to do is relax a bit and play a significant innings, which will help India achieve a high score,” Gavaskar explained.

Kohli is expected to be a crucial player for the team in the final, and players like Rahul Dravid and Rohit Sharma have supported him, hoping he will regain his best form.

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