Axar’s Quick Stumping Leaves Livingstone Stranded

The second and ultimate semi-final match is happening between England and India in Guyana. After rain interruption for some time, we have seen a great match between these two. While defending the total of 171 runs, India’s bowlers made a great start and took quick and crucial wickets to secure their place in the final of the T20 World Cup 2024. After the first powerplay, India never looked back and rattled England’s batting lineup. With this memorable, India will face South Africa in the T20 World Cup 2024 in Barbados.

Liam Livingstone Run-Out:

On the penultimate ball, Axar strikes again! Jofra Archer, attempting a cut shot to a delivery darting in on the stumps, under-edges it to short fine leg. Meanwhile, Livingstone, already halfway down the pitch, finds himself stranded as Archer is preoccupied watching the ball. The throw from the fielder is slightly off, but Axar makes an athletic leap to his left, gathers the ball, and swiftly breaks the stumps. Livingstone falls short of his ground, resulting in another dismissal for England. This run-out encapsulates England’s rough day on the field, highlighting their struggles against a sharp Indian side.

Liam Livingstone’s Small Innings in the Semi-Final:

Liam Livingstone was run out by Kuldeep Yadav and Axar for 11 runs off 16 balls, ending his innings with a strike rate of 68.75 and no boundaries. In a critical moment, Livingstone set off for a risky single, but a miscommunication with Jofra Archer left him stranded halfway down the pitch. Despite the throw being slightly off-target, Axar made a quick, agile leap to his left to collect the ball and break the stumps, catching Livingstone well short of his ground. This run-out added to England’s woes, showcasing their difficulties in capitalizing on scoring opportunities.

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