Barbadians urged to stay indoors as storm impact continues

Barbadians urged to stay indoors as storm impact continues

Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Abraham’s issued a stern warning today from the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC), emphasising the critical need for Barbadians to remain indoors amid ongoing storm conditions. 

“We’re not trying to keep you home,” Abraham’s said, “our primary concern is the safety of Barbados and Barbadians.” 

Reports of individuals venturing onto roads unnecessarily prompted a strong rebuke.

“If you are on the roads right now, and it’s not an emergency, then your behaviour is selfish because emergency services have to put themselves in a position to respond if something happens to you, thus taking them away from something else that they could be doing so that they can get the country opened up a lot faster.”

The minister highlighted dangers posed by live wires and floodwaters, urging citizens to avoid risky areas.

“The gusts are still impacting our island, reaching speeds of up to 50 miles per hour,” he cautioned. 

Plans for issuing an all clear had to be postponed due to persistent feeder bands generating hurricane-strength winds.

Abraham’s concluded with a plea for solidarity: “Think of others and think of yourself. We cannot guarantee your safety outside.” 

As efforts continue to assess storm impact, there will be more updates from the NEOC.

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