Becky Lynch Showcases GAINS Amid 2024 Hiatus From WWE Television

Becky Lynch Showcases GAINS Amid 2024 Hiatus From WWE Television

When it comes to women’s professional wrestling in the modern era, Becky Lynch is one of the front-runners to be helmed as the arguably best. Traveling from the far land of Ireland, she went on to make a name for herself in the United States and a name who has countless followers in the circuit as well as across the globe.

Being one of the biggest stars in the wrestling industry, all attention keeps on remaining on her irrespective of her current status with the company. In the latest, Becky Lynch failed to recapture the WWE Women’s World Championship in her last appearance on Monday Night Raw and walked away from the WWE after her contract with the company expired.

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That being said, the status between WWE and Becky Lynch has been under speculation for the past few months with reports still claiming that no new deal has been signed between the two parties. Amid all the rumors, the seven-time women’s champion is still possessing a ripped physique as revealed in a post by Deadboys Fitness on Instagram. The caption in the photo stated the following,

“Sweet dreams are made of these…GAINS! #DeadboysFitness.”

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Updates from Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer previously noted that Becky Lynch’s contract expired on June 1 and there are no immediate plans for her to return to the WWE. She was originally supposed to wrap things up at WrestleMania XL alongside her husband Seth Rollins who also lost the World Heavyweight Title on that night to go away for nursing an injury but then she extended the run for a few weeks to put over Liv Morgan.

Tony Khan comments on Becky Lynch possibly joining AEW

After having a failed attempt to regain the Women’s World Championship from Morgan on the May 27th edition of Monday Night RAW in a steel cage match, Becky Lynch ended her run under her previous contract which also fueled up AEW arrival rumors. To clear the air on this matter, AEW President Tony Khan had the following to offer during the 2024 Forbidden Door press conference,

“There are some great free agents out there. These are great names you’re talking about. I have a lot of respect for everybody you said, but it probably wouldn’t behoove me or benefit AEW for me to give my contract thoughts on all of them or what I would negotiate or what I would have with any of them. I do think they’re all great talents.”

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