BWA taking preventative action as weather systems approach

The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) has announced that its water tanker fleet will cease operations four hours before the National Shutdown in anticipation of an approaching weather system.

This precautionary measure ensures that tankers can be refilled and secured safely, allowing employees to return home without risk.

In response to the severity of the weather, the BWA may also halt pumping operations to protect equipment. This step is crucial to enable a quick resumption of services once the National All Clear is issued, provided no damage has occurred.

However, customers should be aware of potential discolouration in some water mains when pumping resumes.

Residents are urged to store sufficient potable water for their households, with a recommendation of five gallons per person per day for at least five days. It is important to store this water in clean, covered containers.

For urgent water-related issues after the All Clear, customers can contact the BWA at 434-4292.

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