Cricket set to return to Olympics after 128 years; LA28 recommends cricket for Olympic inclusion

Cricket is set to make its comeback after 128 years in the Olympics as the organisers of the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics recommended cricket for inclusion at the Games.

Cricket, along with baseball, flag football, lacrosse, and squash are the five sports that have been proposed by the LA28 Organising Committee for inclusion at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in five years.

The LA28 proposal would be reviewed and confirmed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at its executive board meeting in Mumbai on October 12-14.

Speaking on this new development, Casey Wasserman, LA28’s Chairperson, said, “LA28’s proposed sports ignite the imagination on the field of play and drive culture off it. They’re relevant, innovative and community-based, played in backyards, schoolyards, community centers, stadiums and parks across the U.S. and the globe. They will bring new athletes to the Games, engage diverse fanbases and expand the Games’ presence in digital spaces, further amplifying LA28’s mission to deliver an unparalleled experience.”

Greg Barclay, ICC Chairman, said, “We are delighted that LA28 have recommended cricket for inclusion in the Olympics. Whilst this is not the final decision, it is a very significant landmark towards seeing cricket at the Olympics for the first time in more than a century.”

“I’d like to thank LA28 for their support during the new sport evaluation process over last two years and we look forward to the final decision being taken at the IOC Session, in India, during the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup next week,” he added.

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