Former WWE Employee Wishes She Could Save Paul Heyman from The Bloodline

At the end of this week’s Friday Night SmackDown emanating from the World’s Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden, we saw a shocking conclusion. Solo Sikoa and his Bloodline outcasted the Wiseman, Paul Heyman, in stunning fashion. This led to female personnel claiming that she wished she could have saved him from the wrath of The New Bloodline.

The last segment of this week’s SmackDown presented ‘The Bloodline Acknowledgment Ceremony.’ This was the official initiation of Jacob Fatu, who made his surprise debut last week on SmackDown, into the family. Jacob Fatu made a huge first impression by laying out Randy Orton, Kevin Owens and the Undisputed WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes.

Despite mentioning to Paul Heyman that he was not present at the venue, Solo Sikoa introduced Jacob Fatu to the ring to induct him to the ranks of The Bloodline. Following that, he ordered every member of The Bloodline, Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa and Jacob Fatu to ‘acknowledge him’ as their Tribal Chief.

Which female WWE personnel wished that she could have saved Paul Heyman from The Bloodline?

Turning his attention to The Wiseman Paul Heyman, Solo asked him to do the same and took out Roman Reigns’ iconic Samoan garland for Heyman to present him with. However, loyal to his real Tribal Chief, Paul Heyman outrightly refused to do so. This led to a furious Solo Sikoa knocking him down with a Samoan Spike, which was followed by a top rope move by Jacob Fatu and a triple powerbomb on the announcer’s desk to end the show.

Witnessing the carnage at the end of the show, now-former WWE backstage interviewer Kayla Braxton, who worked her last show on SmackDown this week took to her X to reveal that she wished she could have saved Heyman.

“Oh Paul!! I wish I could save you!”

With Paul Heyman exiled from the group, it would be interesting to see The Bloodline dynamics moving forward on SmackDown.

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