Go all guns blazing on Women’s National Premier League.

Women’s cricket has been gaining significant traction in the recent past. Female cricket superstars are emerging at a rapid pace, and inspiring a whole new generation with their cricketing skills. WCC3’s National Premier League is one of the most popular tournaments among the mobile gaming fraternity. Now, with Women’s National Premier League (WNPL), Nextwave engages and delights a wider segment of audience, and plays an active role in promoting women’s cricket.

WNPL has 5 teams – RAMS, PHOENIX, CARDINALS, RAIDERS and MAVERICKS. It is packed with action, and has loads of thrills to keep the gamers engaged all through the tournament. Using advanced technology and world class graphics, Nextwave presents the most realistic mobile cricket gaming experience for women. This is truly a big leap in boosting the popularity of women’s cricket.

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