Harbhajan Singh’s Fiery Response to Vaughan on T20 Venue Conspiracy

Iconic Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh delivered a scathing rebuttal to former England captain Michael Vaughan regarding a conspiracy theory Vaughan floated about the venue for the T20 World Cup semi-final.

The Conspiracy Theory

Following India’s commanding 68-run victory over England in the semi-final, Vaughan suggested that the choice of Guyana as the venue was overly beneficial for India. He claimed that if England had beaten South Africa, they would have played their semi-final in Trinidad, which he believed would have favored them more.

Vaughan’s initial post on X (formerly Twitter) read: “If England had beaten SA they would have got the Trinidad semi and I believe they would have won that game .. So no complaints they haven’t been good enough .. But Guyana has been a lovely venue pick for India.”

Harbhajan’s Fiery Response

Harbhajan Singh was quick to respond, firmly dismissing Vaughan’s claims. He emphasized that both teams played under the same conditions and that England had the advantage of winning the toss. Harbhajan stated: “What makes u think Guyana was a good venue for India? Both teams played on the same venue. England won the toss, that was an advantage. Stop being silly. England was outplayed by India in all departments. Accept the fact and move on and keep ur rubbish with urself. Talk logic, not nonsense.”

Vaughan continued to argue his point, posting several times before the match about the venue change. He claimed that India was originally set to play their semi-final in Trinidad but the location was later shifted to Guyana.

Despite his theories, Vaughan eventually acknowledged India’s superiority on the day. He tweeted: “India thoroughly deserve to be in the final .. The best team in tournament so far .. Was always going to be hard for England on this pitch .. India just so much better on lower slower spinning pitches.”

Vaughan’s Final Thoughts

Concluding his remarks, Vaughan admitted that England’s performance against top teams was lacking. He said: “England will have lost 3 out of 4 games to the top teams so they can’t have any complaints .. Just haven’t been good enough .. on the back of the 50 over WC it just clarifies that England have work to do playing on slower wickets.”

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