“I Guarantee You”- Former WCW Champion Blames Vince McMahon For Failing Bray Wyatt In WWE

“I Guarantee You”- Former WCW Champion Blames Vince McMahon For Failing Bray Wyatt In WWE

Bray Wyatt was credited to be one of the most creative and captivating WWE superstars of all time. However, a former WWE writer believed that Vince McMahon, the previous Chairman, had little understanding of the creative understanding possessed by The Eater of Worlds that translated in his work on WWE television programming.

In a recent edition of Sportskeeda’s The Wrestling Outlaws, former WWE writer Vince Russo stated that Vince McMahon was partly responsible for curbing Bray Wyatt’s onscreen creativity. He believed that Vince did not understand a lot of things Wyatt did and compared it to former wrestling star Raven, who was creative in his own right.

“You know, Vince (McMahon) didn’t get a lot of things. I guarantee you like, Vince, watching that Firefly Fun House, did not understand that like whatsoever… It’s almost like the Raven effect. Raven you know, was almost so creative, that it hurt him. Because bro what happens is when you are that creative, and you start talking to a non-creative person and you are laying all these ideas on him, here’s what happens. They get totally lost. And now they feel inferior.”

How was the relationship of Bray Wyat and Vince McMahon?

The creative differences between Vince McMahon and Bray Wyatt led to Wyatt’s unexpected departure from WWE in 2021. However, the former WWE Universal Champion was brought back under the regime of Paul “Triple H” Levesque at the 2022 WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

However, his tenure was cut short when he went on hiatus due to health issues. Subsequently, Bray Wyatt passed away last year in August.

Now, months after Bray left the world, his creativity and legacy are carried forward by his brother, Bo Dallas. He recently returned to WWE under his Uncle Howdy persona alongside a new faction, Wyatt Sicks to bring the vision of his brother to life.

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