“I Remember Sitting Down In My Hotel Room”- The Rock Makes A Stunning Claim About WCW Stars

The Rock has been one of the most successful WWE superstars of all time. He gained prominence at the height of The Attitude Era as their poster boy alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, The Final Boss wanted to battle against some of the iconic names from WWE’s rival promotion at the time, Ted Turner’s WCW.

Speaking on the new Vice series, “Who Killed WCW”, produced by his company, Seven Bucks Productions, The Rock revealed that he had asked then WWE chairman Vince McMahon about competing against some of the biggest names from WCW.

Which dream matches did The Rock want to be part of involving WCW superstars?

The Final Boss stated that he made a list of the stars he wanted to face while sitting down in his hotel room. The list included names like Goldberg, Sting, Randy Savage and all members of the nWo.

After making his list, he shared it with Vince McMahon and suggested that they would be great additions to the WWE roster.

“I remember sitting down in my hotel room and writing down all the wrestlers who I had hoped to wrestle,” said Dwayne Johnson. “Goldberg, Sting, [Randy] Savage, everybody in the nWo. I remember writing everybody down and going to Vince and saying, ‘Hey, this might be a good idea. What about this guy and this guy, and this guy and this guy, let’s bring them in.’” 

After WCW was acquired by WWE in 2001, the company saw an influx of many of those WCW superstars. Moreover, The Rock even got to battle some of the names from his list, including one of the most epic ‘Icon vs Icon’ encounters between himself and Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Two years later, at WWE Backlash, The Rock was the first opponent of Goldberg in the latter’s first WWE match, producing a stellar showdown for the fans to remember.

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