“If he begins….” Sunil Gavaskar drops a bombshell on Hardik Pandya’s selection in test matches

Sunil Gavaskar, a famous Indian cricket player, believes that India can become very strong in Test cricket if they use Hardik Pandya well. Hardik helped India win the 2024 T20 World Cup in June. Now, Gavaskar wants Hardik to play in Test matches. India has a busy schedule of Test matches coming up this year. They will play three matches against New Zealand in October and then go to Australia for four Test matches in late November. Gavaskar thinks that Hardik Pandya can be very important during this time.

Gavaskar believes that if Pandya starts bowling again, Team India will become very strong and hard to beat, no matter where they play or who they play against.

“I hope that in the next two months, there will be some attempt to get Hardik Pandya to return to playing Test cricket,” Gavaskar said to RevSportz.

“If he begins hitting the ball at position 6 or 7, and only bowls for ten overs each day, but also contributes with his batting, this Indian team would be very strong in any country and in any type of field,” Gavaskar said.

Pandya hasn’t played in a Test match for about six years, and has only been in 11 Test matches during his whole career. But with his recent improvement in performance and the need for a fast-bowling all-rounder in Test matches, he might be persuaded to come back.

Gautam Gambhir, the recently chosen head coach of Team India, will face his first real challenge later this year as India participates in the 2023-25 World Test Championship cycle.

Pandya faced a lot of criticism during the 2024 IPL when he took over as captain of the Mumbai Indians from Rohit Sharma, and the team ended up at the bottom of the standings. But his strong performances in India’s winning 2024 T20 World Cup campaign have changed people’s views about him once more.

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