IND vs SA T20 World Cup Final 2024- Virat Kohli gets lots of support on social media after heroic knock

Virat Kohli, who is popularly known as a batter who shines with his batting skills when needed in tough situations, has shown display of his awesome skills and yet again proved why he is known as the way he is. With his great display of skills, Virat hit a whopping 76 runs in 59 balls after he got caught out by Rabada.

After this spectacular show of skills, Kohli got a lot of appreciation. A long list of tweets and posts on social media platforms like Instagram and X can be seen with people showing their support to Virat for his display. But along with that a lot of people gave straight up hate, or teasingly compared scores and run rate of the team with his individual score, indicating that he did not perform any good during the innings.

Here are a few tweets by some people showing their appreciation and supporting Virat for his play

Now as everyone knows, with appreciation comes a lot of unnecessary hate as well. For Virat, it is nothing different. If there are posts appreciating Virat for his show of skills, which he deserves to be appreciated for, there are a lot of posts criticizing his play.

Here are some of the posts pointing fingers at Virat

Though there will always be appreciation, and fingers will always be pointed at players for their performance, Virat has nonetheless showed a beautiful display of his game and has contributed his fair share in the total score of India.

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