India Cricket Team’s Return Plans Thwarted by Hurricane

The plans for the Indian men’s cricket team to return home were affected by a hurricane in Barbados on Sunday, June 30. The new T20 champions were originally scheduled to fly to New York and then catch an Emirates flight to Mumbai. However, they will now fly directly from Barbados to New Delhi.

A report by PWI says that hurricane Beryl, which started in the Atlantic Ocean and has very strong winds of 210 kmph, has caused problems for the Indian team’s plans to go to New York. This very strong hurricane, called Category 4, is moving towards Barbados, and the airport in Bridgetown will be closed on Sunday night.

Jay Shah, who is the BCCI Secretary, is taking care of this situation. There are about 70 people in the Indian team who want to go back home. The BCCI is trying to arrange a big airplane from the USA to take all the people in the Indian team back home.

Players to meet PM Narendra Modi:

The report showed that the team was originally going to travel to India through Dubai, but now they will take a special plane directly to New Delhi. There, they might meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On Sunday, the Prime Minister already called some of the team members to say well done for their wins in the USA and West Indies.

“The team was planning to fly from here (Bridgetown) to New York and then go to India through Dubai,” someone close to the situation told PTI. “But now, they are thinking about getting a special flight directly from here to Delhi. They are also thinking about meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

Many people who love cricket are excited for the Indian team to come back home after they did very well in the T20 World Cup 2024. The team is likely to be greeted like stars when they arrive at the big airport in New Delhi on July 2. Cricket fans in India have been waiting a long time for this win – 17 years since the last time the Indian team won the T20 World Cup and 11 years since they last won a big cricket championship.

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