India vs South Africa- How reserve day works and what happens if

A lot of build-up is there for the T20 World Cup final between India and South Africa on Saturday. However, concerns about rain float over the event. Organizers have saved a reserve day to make sure the match reaches its end.

How the reserve day works:

  • If there is excess rain on Saturday, The game will resume on Sunday from the point it stopped.
  • The International Cricket Council (ICC) makes sure “every effort will be made to complete the match on the scheduled day with any necessary reductions in overs taking place. Only if the minimum number of overs necessary to constitute a match cannot be bowled on the scheduled day will the match resume on Sunday.
  • To have a full match, a minimum of 10 overs must be bowled to the team who is batting second.
  • If the match begins on Saturday but cannot be completed on the same day, it will resume on Sunday from the point it was stopped.
  • The reserve day start time is set for 8:00 PM IST on Sunday.

Super Over regulations:

  • In the case of a tied match, a Super over will be held to determine the winner.
  • If the Super over also ends in a tie, even more super overs will be held until a winner is determined.
  • These Super Over can be held an unlimited number of times until a result is achieved.

Outcome if match is washed out:

If the rain continues to disrupt the match on both Saturday and Sunday, resulting in an incomplete match, bot India and South Africa will be declared as joint winners.

Weather Forecast

Saturday (June 29)


  • Probability of Precipitation- 44%
  • Cloud cover- 98%
  • Humidity- 77%


  • Probability of Precipitation- 46%
  • Cloud cover- 99%
  • Humidity- 80%

Sunday (June 30)


Mostly cloudy and breezy with 25% probability of precipitation.


Mostly cloudy, occasional rain, and thunderstorms, with a 60% probability of precipitation.

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