Key Points: eSports Has Significantly Strengthened Classic Sports

eSports has entered and integrally fit into all gaming industries, including sports simulators, which now allow you not only to understand all the intricacies and features of sports genres, but also to at least slightly feel the real difficulties and emotions of popular sports – football, basketball, golf and tennis and other sports activities.

At the beginning of the development of the gaming industry, all developers drew inspiration from popular sports, but with the development of the industry and all the main mechanics, the situation has changed and now sports games have their influence on popular sports.

For example, players who actively play a football simulator and buy FC 24 coins in SkyCoach to collect cards of famous football players.

Then football fans begin to actively watch popular tournaments like the Champions League and Europe.

This is an interchangeable and beneficial process because players get to know better about potential and effective football players in order to look for their cards and use them in tournaments and divisions.

Football leagues, on the contrary, receive the number of matches watched, paid subscriptions to football channels and purchases of tickets to stadiums, including annual passes to all home matches of their favorite teams.

eSports Opportunity to try out the role of a professional athlete

Not every person has the opportunity or desire to build a career as a full-fledged athlete in their favorite sport.

To do this, you need to put in a huge amount of effort, be in good physical shape, have tactical and strategic thinking and work on its development, and have good luck to realize your talent and direct it in the right direction to reach the top of your sports career.

In FC 24 you can try out the role of a professional football player and fully build your career.

You choose your playing role and favorite team and create your own football player, or choose a ready-made player and start your journey as a professional.

You will start as a full-fledged amateur who has the chance to try his hand at the major leagues, but in the reserve team and your efforts will depend on your progress, the degree of loyalty and trust that the coach will give you.

Before each match, you will be given tasks that need to be completed so that the coach remains satisfied and gives you preference among many players, but if you play poorly, then you will be less and less allowed on the football field, and the field may even be sold to the nearest transfer window.

Tasks can be very different from scoring goals, to assists and general team actions.

Try not to receive game cards and maintain the scale of the effectiveness of your actions, as required in real football matches – be in the right position, perform important actions that affect the result and find moments for scoring shots or assists.

When the coach is satisfied with your performance, you will receive the right to play for the main team with the prospect of captaincy and a chance to get a call to the national team of your country to play in Important matches – qualifications for the World Cup and the tournament itself.

Collect collections of players and create your dream team

Often sports are formed in such a way that players start playing together, but do not find a common language, or they choose initially different teams and the audience has their own requests for which team they would like to see and which players should try their hand together.

In reality, none of the fans can influence the decisions of the players, but every player can manually create the roster of players of his dreams.

You need to farm, or buy FC 24 coins and start buying packs with random players, or buy out specific performers in the transfer window.

You can even combine a men’s and women’s league and form a full-fledged team of soccer stars together.

Play against other players with eSports

Esports emerged as a logical extension of the competitive mode so that players who spend hours, weeks, months and years to improve the quality of their game could compete with similar professionals, find out who plays better and compete for prizes and money as an element of motivation.

Over time, eSports has developed to full-fledged sponsorship as a means of providing a solid prize fund, which motivates thousands and millions of players to play football and other sports and even more viewers to watch full-fledged tournaments on YouTube and Twitch, in order to experience emotions on the one hand, and on the other learning something new and getting ideas for feints, plays and combinations among players that can and should be used in their matches.

Next, you better start playing your own matches to try new mechanics and ideas on your own, because no feint or technique can be perfectly repeated without proper practice.

You will come across players of different levels, which will teach you a lot and make you think about finding your own playing style, finding new and strong players and developing skills that will allow you to enjoy the game, collect unique football players, learn to play better and increase your rating and percentage of wins in tournaments that will bring a lot of FC 24 coins.

Watch matches of professional players and e-sportsmen

There are several similarities between real and virtual sports and the main one is that if you want to succeed and become a really good player, then you need to learn from the best in the business.

If you take football, you can learn hard work, sprinting, accurate shooting and the ability to lead a team from Ronaldo, while Neymar will teach you dribbling and feints.

As for eSports, you need to learn from high-ranking streamers and professional players who regularly participate in major tournaments and win them, or take good prizes and enjoy authority in eSports.

It will be better if you find a good streamer, or a professional player who not only plays well, but knows how to explain his actions and write down a full guide, or analyze in detail some difficult moment so that you understand how and, most importantly, why he plays the way he does, and nothing else. You need to understand the logic of a professional player’s thoughts, because the secrets to tactics and victories lie in the confident actions and thinking that lead to them.

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