Krunal Pandya breaks down in a heartwarming post for brother Hardik after India’s T20 World Cup win

Indian all-rounder Krunal Pandya was seen breaking down in tears in an emotional social media post dedicated to his brother Hardik Pandya following India’s historic T20 World Cup 2024 triumph. Hardik played a pivotal role in India’s impressive title victory, making significant contributions with both the bat and ball. Rising to the occasion whenever India faced challenges, Hardik’s performance was crucial in securing the trophy.

Overcoming criticism to claim glory

Notably, Hardik had to overcome a wave of criticism in the months leading up to the World Cup. After replacing Rohit Sharma as the captain of the Mumbai Indians (MI), Hardik faced relentless attacks on social media from fans and experts alike. The criticism even turned into boos during each of Mumbai’s matches, especially as the team finished at the bottom of the table for the second time in three seasons. Despite this, Hardik maintained his focus and determination, bouncing back in spectacular fashion to help India claim their second T20 World Cup trophy.

A pivotal role in the final

Hardik’s redemption arc was highlighted by his standout performance in the final against South Africa. He dismissed the dangerous Heinrich Klaasen and then picked up two crucial wickets in the final over, successfully defending 16 runs to ensure India were crowned world champions. His heroics in the final were a testament to his resilience and skill, solidifying his legacy in Indian cricket.

Krunal Pandya’s emotional tribute for brother Hardik

Krunal’s emotional tribute to Hardik reflected the personal and professional journey the two brothers have shared. Breaking down in tears, Krunal expressed immense pride in Hardik’s achievements and the obstacles he had to overcome. The heartfelt post resonated with fans, highlighting the deep bond between the brothers and the significance of Hardik’s contributions to India’s World Cup success.

Krunal shared quite a few photos of Hardik and himself and a video as well where he was seen in tears. He shared a lengthy post which was full of emotions and brotherhood. Krunal reflected on the emotional journey he and his brother Hardik have had over nearly a decade of playing professional cricket. Describing the recent successes as a fairy tale come true, he shared the pride and emotional connection he feels seeing Hardik at the center of their team’s heroics. He empathized deeply with Hardik’s struggles over the past six months, noting the unfair criticism and personal challenges Hardik faced. Despite the booing and harsh remarks, Krunal admired how Hardik endured it all with a smile and unwavering focus on his goal to win the World Cup for India.

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Krunal also highlighted Hardik’s incredible resilience and dedication, emphasizing how his brother’s achievements in a relatively short career are remarkable. He reminded people of Hardik’s consistent commitment to the national team, often proving doubters wrong and using their skepticism as motivation to perform even better.

“It’s almost been a decade since Hardik and I started playing professional cricket. And the last few days have been like a fairy tale that we’ve dreamt off. Like every countryman I’ve lived this through our teams heroics and I couldn’t be more emotional with my brother being at the heart of it. The last six months have been the toughest for Hardik. He simply didn’t deserve what he went through, and as a brother, I felt very, very bad for him. From booing, to people saying all kinds of nasty things, at the end of the day, we all forgot that he is just a human being who also has emotions. He somehow passed through all of this with a smile, though I know how hard it was for him to put on a smile. He kept working hard and focusing on what he needed to do to get the World Cup since that was his ultimate objective,” wrote Krunal on Instagram.

“He has now played his heart out to realise India’s long standing dream – And nothing has ever meant to him more. From the age of 6 – It’s playing for the country and winning the World Cup that’s been the dream. I just want to remind people that what Hardik has done in such a short span in his career is unbelievable. His efforts for the national team have never been compromised. Every time, at every stage of Hardik’s life, people have written him off, and that has only motivated him to come back even stronger,” added Krunal.

“For Hardik, it has always been country first, and it will always be that way. For a young boy coming from Baroda, there can be no bigger achievement than helping his team win the World Cup. Hardik, I am so, so proud of you. I love you so much, and you deserve every bit of happiness and all the good things that are coming your way. I have immense respect for you, my bachhu,” Krunal added further.

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