Legendary John Cena Admits His “WWE Journey Is Coming To An End”

After carrying WWE’s flag for over 15 years, John Cena transitioned into a part-timer’s role for the company as he only appears on special occasions. Given his growing Hollywood commitments, making room for WWE runs has become tougher for him which further led to the thought of retirement and it appears he’s entertaining those, after all.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, John Cena teased the end could be near for his WWE career while admitting that his time with the company had delivered a glorious chapter in his life and that it’s coming to a close. However, he would always keep his fitness on point, and the regime would continue even after his WWE run is over, possibly to keep him prepared for one-off appearances,

“I know my WWE journey is coming to an end, but fitness was a part of my life long before the WWE journey started. Fitness will be a part of my life, hopefully as long as my heart’s beating. So the WWE has been a great chapter in my life — it’s year 23 for me — and the sun’s setting on that chapter in the book, but fitness will never not be a part of my life.”

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John Cena’s packed schedule barring him from coming back to WWE

Without any doubt, John Cena continues to hold a special place in the hearts of professional wrestling fans, and his one glimpse is still enough to spike up the TV ratings in the WWE. His last impactful appearance occurred at WrestleMania 40 Sunday where he tried to help Cody Rhodes fend off the prohibitions by The Bloodline in favor of Roman Reigns.

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Following that appearance, John Cena admitted to having a busy schedule in the movies that would prevent him from coming back to the WWE. Going by his previous words, he should currently be in Europe to do more filming for ‘Head of State,’ and once it’s done, he will go straight to begin filming for Peacemaker 2 on HBO.

Due to his presence in Europe, fans in France were in the hope of seeing John Cena making a surprise appearance at WWE Backlash 2024 to deliver a message to the WWE Universe which would be something similar to what he did at Money in the Bank last year. However, no such special appearance came from him on the PLE.

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