More cheer for mobile gamers with new, exciting features in WCC3’s NPL 2022.

WCC3’s National Premier League (NPL) is a popular choice of mobile cricket buffs
across the globe. Nextwave Multimedia constantly keeps innovating and enriching the gameplay
in order to ensure that fans enjoy an exceptional gaming experience, every single time.

The 2022 edition of WCC3’s NPL comes with 2 new teams – Lucknow Leopards and Gujarat Giants.
Auction, in the updated version, is powered with RTC (Right to Challenge) – a unique feature that adds
value to the player-acquisition process.

Gamers are in for a refreshing experience with the new cinematics exclusive for NPL and other cinematics
for the game. The new, exclusive, dazzling jerseys for WCC3’s NPL 2022 make this edition all the more sensational.
The updated player roster, plus the updated ladder format and schedule pep it up even further.

What’s more, there are NPL discounts for previous owners!

With an array of scintillating features, WCC3’s NPL 2022 gives mobile cricket gamers a memorable time.

It is noteworthy to mention that WCC3’s NPL 2022 promotional video on YouTube has till date garnered
over a million views.

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