New Wyatt Sicks member teased on WWE RAW, Eagle-eyed fans catch subtle hint

The notorious dark force that has emerged in WWE, known as Wyatt Sicks, led by Uncle Howdy, made a huge first impression upon their arrival on Monday Night RAW last week. However, as one might have noticed, the faction only has five members despite its origins and name having six.

But on the latest episode of Monday Night RAW, a major tease was made in regard to the potential sixth member for the Wyatt Sicks.

Which WWE superstar was teased as the potential sixth member of the Wyatt Sicks faction?

The Wyatt Sicks faction has caused chaos and terror over the entire WWE landscape, with the effects being delivered throughout the week and on various platforms, including social media and The Pat McAfee Show. Moreover, McAfee was also missing from RAW this week, leading to speculation that the Wyatts might be behind it.

Elsewhere, WWE teased the potential sixth member on RAW. As the first victim of the Wyatt’s, Chad Gable arrived in the arena and was walking backstage, he crossed a WWE production truck with the face of the Fiend version of WWE superstar, Alexa Bliss.

Bliss and the originator of the Wyatt Sicks, Bray Wyatt had a dark and strong partnership back in 2021. Moreover, Alexa Bliss has been rumored to be a part of the stable for a long time.

Alexa Bliss was last seen on WWE television programming back in January 2023. Even at that point, she was confronted by Uncle Howdy, teasing a possible storyline. However, this was abandoned after she got pregnant and left WWE due to maternity leave.

But now that Wyatt Sicks have emerged and WWE also has teased Alexa Bliss’ involvement on RAW this week, the signs are pointing towards Alexa Bliss becoming the new member of The Wyatt Sicks in the future, once she gets cleared for in-ring action.

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