Pakistan’s Salman Butt speaks on ICC ahead of Champions Trophy

After winning the ICC T20 World Cup 2024, team India is celebrating their win. The men in blue have finally achieved success after their undefeated streak in the tournament. India lost the ODI World Cup 2023, losing the finals match against Australia and the WT20C win mended the fan’s hearts a little. Now the next ICC competition they look forward to, is the Champions Trophy 2025.

The tournament will be held in Pakistan and considering the political environment between the two countries, it’s highly unlikely that India will be attending the matches there. Here’s Pakistan’s Salman Butt’s comment on ICC ahead of Champions Trophy 2025.

Salman Butt slyly urges the ICC to bring India into the competition.

Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt believes that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) shouldn’t worry about whether India will participate in the upcoming 2025 ICC Champions Trophy.

According to Butt, it is the responsibility of the International Cricket Council (ICC) to ensure that all teams, including India, come to Pakistan for the tournament. He emphasized that the ICC has a crucial role in coordinating and managing the event to guarantee the participation of all qualifying teams, thereby allowing the PCB to focus on other aspects of hosting the competition.

“If they come, then they welcome, if they don’t, the ICC has to deal with it. We will find out if they can just deal with all the other countries or can do the same with India as well. It will show how much authority they have as a regulator and how neutral they can be.” Butt said in his YouTube video.

When was the last time India visited Pakistan?

While the two teams collided in an electrifying and thrilling match for the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York, It has been long since India visited Pakistan.

The Pakistan cricket team did visit India for the ICC ODI World Cup 2023, and got a warm reception from both the staff and fans all around the country. However, team India has gotten multiple threats from Pakistanis who wish to dissolve the peace between the two teams.

Team india last travelled to Pakistan in 2008 for the Asia Cup. India refused to visit Pakistan for the 2023 edition of the Asia Cup last year, which led to the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) going ahead with a hybrid model.

Recently, Sanjana Ganesan, sports journalist and wife of Jasprit Bumrah, opened up and shared how Pakistan’s Shaheen Afridi gifted their son Angad a bunch of useful items when he was born. Bumrah has become the T20 World Cup 2024 “Player of the Tournament”. It’s safe to assume that while Sports and Cricket sees no boundaries, it’s the people who are tarnishing the game.

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