Pre-seeding Super 8 Groups T20 World Cup 2024- Why finishing first or second in Group Stage doesn’t matter

The ongoing 2024 T20 World Cup will have a Super 8 stage consisting of two groups

Group 1 Super 8 T20 WC 2024: A1, B2, C1, D2
Group 2 Super 8 T20 WC 2024: A2, B1, C2, D!

But here is the interesting thing- the teams were pre-seeded going into the World Cup. India for example are A1, and Australia are B2, and India and Australia will be in the same Super 8 group as long as they qualify- it doesn’t matter whether they actually finish first or second in their respective groups.

Pre Seeding T20 World Cup 2024

Pre-seeding of T20 World Cup 2024 teams

A1- India
A2- Pakistan
B1- England
B2- Australia
C1- New Zealand
C2- West Indies
D1- South Africa
D2- Sri Lanka

If, for example, England don’t qualify from their group and Scotland do, Scotland will be in Group 2 for the Super 8’s as B1 alongside West Indies and South Africa.

This, therefore, provides greater incentive, so as to speak, for Australia to effectively throw the Scotland game. Lose or win in that game doesn’t matter for Australia as long as they’ve automatically qualified. Whether they finish first in the group or second is immaterial- they will be B2 for the Super 8’s, and therefore in the same group as India (A1).

If a team qualifies ahead of a seeded team- Afghanistan qualifying instead of New Zealand from Group C will make Afghanistan C1 (regardless of whether they finish first or second in Group C)

India’s Super 8 Group (as it stands) is therefore likely to be India (A1), Australia (B2), Afghanistan (C1 instead of pre-seeded New Zealand) and Bangladesh (D2 instead of pre-seeded Sri Lanka)

South Africa (Proteas) Super 8 Group will mostly likely include SA, West Indies, USA (A2 instead of pre-seeded Pakistan) and Scotland / England

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