Ric Flair WOOOOOos Again! WWE Icon Recreates Rohit Sharma’s Viral Celebration

The celebrations following India’s T20 World Cup victory were nothing short of historic. Captain Rohit Sharma’s enthusiastic dance moves on the podium captured the hearts of fans worldwide, but the inspiration behind them sparked some debate.

From Messi to Flair: The Celebration’s Origin Story

Many fans initially believed Sharma drew inspiration from Lionel Messi’s celebratory dance after Argentina’s FIFA World Cup win in 2022. However, WWE icon Ric Flair stepped into the ring (so to speak) and claimed the spotlight. Flair took to social media, suggesting Sharma had actually paid homage to his signature “Wooooo!” celebration, a move familiar to countless wrestling fans.

@ImRo45 Taking A Page Out Of My Playbook! WOOOOO!” Flair tweeted, sharing a video of Sharma celebrating with the T20 World Cup trophy.

Flair Doubles Down: The “Worldwide Sensation” Woooooos

Three days after the final, Flair wasn’t done celebrating. He recreated Sharma’s dance, playfully acknowledging the Indian skipper as the “Worldwide sensation” in a social media post. The clip featured Flair performing his iconic “Wooooo!” moves alongside a video of Sharma’s jubilant celebration.

“The Worldwide Sensation! WOOOOO!” Flair declared in the post.

Sharma Stays Silent, But the Celebration Lives On

While Rohit Sharma himself hasn’t commented on the debate surrounding his celebratory dance, it’s clear his emotions were sky-high after India’s historic win. The jubilant captain even announced his retirement from the shorter format just hours after the victory. This momentous occasion has undoubtedly cemented Sharma’s place in cricket history, and his celebratory dance will likely be remembered alongside it.

The combination of Rohit Sharma’s World Cup victory dance and Ric Flair’s playful recreation has created a unique viral moment. It’s a testament to the global reach of both cricket and professional wrestling, and a reminder that even in the midst of victory, a little friendly competition can add to the fun.

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