Salman Butt Reacts On Inzamam Ul Haq’s Ball Tempering Allegation On India

Salman Butt Reacts On Inzamam Ul Haq’s Ball Tempering Allegation On India

The allegation story of India, trying to temper the ball, especially the left-arm pacer Arshdeep Singh, during the ongoing T20 World Cup has reached another level, as the former Pakistan captain, Salman Butt feels that Inzamam Ul Haq shouldn’t have talked about that in the show.

The latter feels that Arshdeep has managed to get the reverse swing, especially during India’s last ‘super eight’ game against Australia at the Darren Sammy National Stadium in St Lucia, because he has tempered with the ball.

During a local television show, the former batter mentioned that it was quite natural for Jasprit Bumrah to get the reverse of the old ball, but with the action and speed of Arshdeep, it felt like the ball was prepared in such a specific way to get the benefit.

‘If Pakistan bowlers did this, there would have been hue and cry. We know how to reverse it really well. If Arshdeep can reverse it in the 15th, there’s been some serious work done on the ball.’ The former Pakistan cricket team captain Inzamam Ul Haq expressed in a local show. ‘If Bumrah does it (you can understand), his action is like that. When others with a specific action or speed do it, it means the ball has been prepared in a special way.’

‘Reverse swing is not a rocket science’- Salman Butt

Former Pakistan batter Salman Butt too has shared his view on the whole incident, as he feels that Inzamam wasn’t need to make such comments on the condition of the ball.

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‘Everyone tries to reverse but can’t do it. Even if the ball is ready to move, it’s not a skill that everyone possesses.’ Salman Butt reflected in a video, posted on the ‘X’, formerly known as Twitter. ‘He (Inzamam Ul Haq) is my captain, and I have played a lot of cricket with him, and have learned a lot from him. So I rather not comment on him. But I say there is, this thing shouldn’t have been talked about.’

The 39-year-old feels that this has all been a part of the tactic, given the reverse swing is known to everyone.

‘Because every team does it. When Pakistan used to do it, people would address it as ball tempering. Later, the moment everyone learned it, suddenly it became the art of reverse swing. So, I believe it’s a tactic.’ Salman Butt remarked.

But the question stands how this reverse swing bowling is being done in cricket, as it’s not something that the ball alone could do but the whole team, and those 11 players have to be aware of the planning.

‘The batters play so many shots, and the ball gets out of the ground, where it hits the seat or wall, where a chunk or portion of the ball gets rough.’ Salman Butt elaborated. ‘Now when one of the sides of the ball gets more friction, and you keep the other side smooth, then that’s enough for reverse swing. That’s not rocket science. So everyone knows it.’

Even there is a process where the fielders have been asked to deliberately throw the ball in the square tracks and that too on the heavy and rough side of the ball.

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‘And it’s very much possible. Then, there is a tactical throwing, so when you throw the ball, you have to make sure that every time you throw the ball, you would put into the rough side of the ball, and the shiny side would be on the upper side.’ The Punjab-born Salman Butt told in the same show.

There have been instances when the players deny knowing the plans, but the 39-year-old believes that everyone on the team remains aware of the planning, and someone denying the fact is lying.

‘People are very skillful and they have learned how to do it. Every team does, and every one of the players knows. If someone says I don’t know it, he is lying.’ Salman Butt concluded ‘So, this thing shouldn’t be discussed. Because, no one is going to accept defeat, and I feel the stature the former captain and player (Inzamam) has, he wasn’t needed to talk about it.’

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