Small Craft & High Surf Warning remains in effect

As Tropical Storm Beryl approaches, Barbados is bracing for hazardous sea conditions beginning the evening of Sunday. Forecasters predict that swell heights will reach up to 8 meters (26 feet) around the island’s coastlines, creating a dangerous marine environment.

A Small Craft and High Surf Warning remains is in effect, advising mariners and beach goers of the potential risks. Large open-water swells pose significant hazards to vessels, and there is an expectation of frequent wave overtopping onto properties and roads near the shoreline. Beach erosion is also anticipated due to these above-normal swell heights.

Residents and marine users are urged to stay updated through the Barbados Meteorological Services, the Department of Emergency Management, and local media. It is crucial to heed advice from the National Conservation Commission and the Barbados Fisheries Division. (BMS)

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