South Africa introduced 3T Cricket, a new format for Solidarity Cup 2020….So what is 3T Cricket????

South Africa introduced 3T Cricket, a new format for Solidarity Cup 2020….So what is 3T Cricket????

3T Cricket Southafrica
3T Cricket – Solidarity Cup 2020

                                  Evolution of cricket is quite different from other games. The changes faced by cricket world not only in terms of teams and jerseys, even in terms of game format too. New rules and regulations updated by ICC in regular intervals can able to adopt easily. But if a new format is introduced in cricket definitely some history and records will gets rewritten. Like ODI replaced test cricket. Once cricket is nothing but test matches and audience have to wait for few days to witness the winner. Most of the times those matches ends up in draw. ODI matches with limited overs and powerplays attracted more audience than test matches. It reveals the winner at the end of match. Because of ODI matches, International world cup tournaments happened as like in football. 

                                Thats how ODI matches rewritten cricket history. Likewise T20 matches came at the mid of 2000-2010 added few more flavors to the game like super over, huge sixes and nail biting matches. Of course a separate world cup came as World T20. The evolution of T20 promoted domestic premiere leagues to find new talents. Now South Africans going to introduce one more game format in the history of cricket as 3TC (3Team Cricket) for their domestic tournament “Solidarity Cup 2020”

How 3 Teams can play in a single match????? Lets see the rules and regulations of 3TC….

What is 3TC?

  • Played by 3 Teams in a single match
  • Totally 36 overs (in the format of 18-18)
  • 12 overs for each team (6 overs in first session and 6 in second session)
  • Team scored highest runs in first session will bat first in 2nd session
  • 8 players for each team
  • New ball will be taken for every 12 overs
  • If 7 wickets lost by a team, the runs scored by 8th player will be doubled
  • Super over is there if the score levels by any two teams
  • If all 3 teams score equal runs, they can share the cup

Captains of Each Team:

  1. Eagles – AB de Villiers
  2. Kites – Quinton de Cock
  3. Kingfishers – Henrich Klasen (in the absence of Rabada)

Venue: Super Sport Park , Centurion on July18th, 2020

Telecast : Start Sports

Here is the list of players…..

3TC - teams list
Solidarity Cup team list

Pic Courtesy :  Google Images

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