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Hello all. I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the cricket season. I haven’t actually seen a lot of the action myself. Life is just so busy these days that it’s become increasingly difficult to find the time. Talking of which, I have some news…

Sadly, I’ve taken the decision to call it stumps at The Full Toss. I’ve been winding the blog down for a while and, after approximately 15 years at the crease, it’s finally time to retire. I’ve managed to keep things going over the last couple of years thanks to our fantastic team of guest contributors. However, even editing is beginning to take its toll.

I’m also about to start a new fulltime job, after years of freelancing, so now feels like the natural time to call it a day. I want to give my new role 100% without any distractions. Instead of writing about cricket, I’ll be writing about property. It’s not quite as exciting but it’s probably more important. After all, homes cost even more than a ticket to a Lord’s Test. Just.

Although I have no immediate plans to blog about cricket again, at least for a while, there’s always a slim chance that TFT might be back in some form in the future. I might even be tempted to write the odd article if The Ashes are particularly exciting and I get the urge. However, this is the end as far as maintaining a blog that publishes regular content is concerned. Our back catalogue, however, will remain live.

So what can I say? I think the word I’m searching for is ‘thanks’. It’s been a great ride. And I really appreciate all your support, encouragement, and comments along the way. We created a nice little cricket community and I’ll certainly miss you all – especially those of you who have been with us since the start.

When Maxie and I founded The Full Toss all those years ago, our goal was to create something that was recognisable and relevant. And I think we just about achieved that. At one point, about three years ago, we had over 1,000 subscribers and were regularly topping over 2,000 views per day. However, all good things must come to and end. And, sadly, it’s become too tricky to keep things going.

Before I sign off, I’d quickly like to add that running The Full Toss has been a brilliant experience. I thoroughly recommend blogging! My only disappointment is we couldn’t quite outlast Jimmy Anderson, who was a wee whippersnapper when it all began. Well, I guess there’s no disgrace in having less stamina than the most indefatigable cricketer of modern times.

Thanks again to all. Take care. Let’s hope for an exciting Ashes series.



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