“Talk Sensibly not…”Harbhajan Singh shuts off Michael Vaughan for his views on Venue for the second Semifinals

Team India ended their 10-year wait to reach the T20 World Cup final by beating England by 68 runs in the 2024 semi-final on Thursday. This big win made Indians all over the world very happy and they celebrated everywhere. But, ex-England captain Michael Vaughan said that the match was played in a place called Guyana, which is good for Indian players, so they won. However, famous Indian player Harbhajan Singh didn’t agree with Vaughan and didn’t want to accept his opinion.

“If England had won against South Africa, they would have played the semi-final in Trinidad, and I think they would have won that match. So, no complaints, they just haven’t been good enough. But Guyana was a great choice for India as a venue,” Vaughan wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Harbhajan responded: “Why do you think Guyana was a good venue for India? Both teams played at the same place. England won the toss, which was an advantage. Stop being silly. England was outperformed by India in every aspect. Accept the truth and move on, and keep your nonsense to yourself. Talk sensibly, not foolishly.”

Vaughan has been talking a lot about the change in location for the semi-final match in the T20 World Cup 2024. Before the semi-final between India and England began, he posted a few times, saying that India’s team, led by Rohit Sharma, was supposed to play in Trinidad, but the place was switched to Guyana.

In his last post, though, Vaughan agreed that India played better than England that day.

“India throughly deserve to be in the final .. The best team in tournament so far .. Was always going to hard for England on this pitch .. India just so much better on lower slower spinning pitches,” he said in another post.

“England will have lost 3 out of 4 games to the Top teams so they can’t have any complaints .. Just haven’t been good enough .. on the back of the 50 over WC it just clarifies that England have work to do playing on slower wickets..,” Vaughan concluded.

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