Teams With Most ICC Trophies Dominance in International Cricket

Teams With Most ICC Trophies

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Teams With Most ICC Trophies: Known as the gentleman’s game, cricket features national teams competing on the biggest stages, hosted by the International Cricket Council (ICC). With four prestigious tournaments under its belt, the ICC has become synonymous with cricketing excellence and national pride. So let’s take a look at the top nations’ with the most ICC trophies.

Australia topped the list a few days ago, with India and the West Indies tied in second place. However, India’s squad has surpassed the West Indies side to become the second national cricket team with the most ICC trophies after winning the 2024 T20 World Cup.

Cricket Nations With Most ICC Trophies;


Australia stands tall as the most decorated nation in ICC history, clinching a remarkable 10 trophies. Their dominance spans across formats. Their consistent performance across decades solidifies their reputation as cricketing giants.

  • 6 ODI World Cups,
  • 1 T20 World Cup,
  • 1 World Test Championship (WTC),
  • 2 Champions Trophies

India’s dominance in international cricket has been cemented as they have won six ICC trophies thanks to their outstanding cricketing capabilities. They proved they could function well under pressure when they conquered South Africa to win their second T20 World Cup.

West Indies:

With five ICC trophies under their belt, the West Indies, who were once the uncontested cricket kings, have an excellent record until today. Their cricketing identity has been shaped by legendary players and momentous triumphs, leaving them with an unmatched heritage in the sport of cricket.

  • 2 ODI World Cups,
  • 2 T20 World Cups,
  • 1 Champions Trophy

Other ICC Trophy-Winning Nations

England, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka stand shoulder to shoulder with 3 ICC trophies each, showcasing their enduring impact on international cricket. Meanwhile, New Zealand has carved out a notable niche with just 2 ICC trophies. Their recent performances have garnered widespread admiration within the cricketing community but for record South Africa, holds just one ICC trophy until today.


Conclusion: Who is the Best of ALL?

The ICC tournaments not only showcase cricketing talent but also foster national pride and unity. With nations like Australia, India, and the West Indies leading the charge, the quest for ICC trophies continues to inspire generations of cricket fans worldwide. Each victory adds a new chapter to the sport’s rich history and allows teams to compete at the highest level.

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